Saturday, July 08, 2006

June 21, 2006

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

9:32-7 LIVING ROOM NYT Justices Divided on Protections Over Wetlands
10:19-21 US Says 2 Bodies Retrieved in Iraq were Brutalized
10:21-3 On Iraq, Kerry Again Leaves Democrats Fuming
10:24-6 Back to Earth After Taking Fall from Genghis’ Family Tree
10:27-9 Former White House Budget Aide is Convicted of Lying about his Ties to Lobbyist
10:30-2 A Legacy of the Storn: Depression and Suicide
10:34-6 Rekindling Idea Genes in a Cold Corporate Body
10:37-9 But Will it Play in Manhattan?
10:43-5 Condos Not Garretts in West Chelsea

11:52 HOME OFFICE NYT Perfect Vision, via Surgery is Helping and Hurting Navy

1:45-2:10 LIVING ROOM Plan to Move Madison Sq Garden Augurs Bold Change for Midtown
2:55-3:08 Murder Charges for 3 GI’s in Iraq
3:08-10 Pigeons May Coo but they Aren;’t Cute, the Mayor Says
3:17 Per Amboy: Woman Who Jumped from Bridge Dies
3:25-32 Breast-Feed Or Else Letters

5:13-15 Corzine Gives In on Part of Tax Plan in Trade-Off for his Embattled Budget
5:55-9 A Sushi Pioneer Gets a Slinkly Little Sister
5:59-6 It Feels like a Speakeast but Sake’s at the Bar Sakagura 211 E 43rd street
6:05-11 New Look a Memorial Lowers Cost
6:17-19 Stabbing Victim Leaves Hospital, Filled with Forgiveness
6:20-5 Sister of Man Whose Wife Died in Minivan Plunge Says Police Twisted Words
6:25 A Graduat4ee So happy He Hugged the Speaker6:25-30 A Wild Ride (digitally) To the Rescue of a Sidekick

9:53-5 HOME OFFICE Finding New Passion After the Pain of Infidelity


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