Saturday, July 08, 2006

june 24, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

11:55-7 Dartmouth Alumni Battles Become Spectator Sport
12:47-8 Pataki and Lawmkers Near Agreement on Tax Break
12:49-51 Details of Drinking and Sex Emerge at Court-Martial of Cadet
12:59 -1:12 Video of Ill Fated Uzbek Rising Offers Haunting Complex View
1:02-5 The Andijian Uprising
1:13-15 8 US Servicemen Charged In Death of an Iraqui Civilian
1:16- 21Young People’s Web Postings Worry Summer Camp Directors
1:22-4 9/11 Memorial Version 2.0
2:37-42 Lord & Taylor to remain on 5th Ave
2:43-5 The Not So Good Earth
2:49-52 For Dealer, Stolen Maps Point Way to Prison
2:54-6 Witness Says Cadet Mader her Have Sex to Keep a Secret
2:58-9 Laswuit by Ground Zero Workers Tests City’s Claim of Immunity
3-04 The Surprise in this Box? A Highway, Some Assembly Required
3:04-8 What Goes Down Drain Eventually Bobs Up Here
3:10 A Move to ban Aluminum Bats in New Jersey
3:12-16 Horror Stories from a Hot Kitchen “he loses himself, and the reader”
3:16 A man Child Who Has His World Under Control Click
3:17 The Hidden Blade
3:18 The Great New Wonderful
3:32-3 Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania


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