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Sunday, February 18, 2007

October 16, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006

10:34-45 HOME OFFICE NYT Wallflower at the Web Party
12:41-3 Competition Fails to Cut Electricity Prices
12:44 A Razor Sharp Profile Cuts Into a Mile-High Cityscape
12:46-7 Works by Johns and de Kooning Sell for 143.5 Million
12:51-4 The Broker Who Fell to Earth

4:51 SUBWAY NYMAG Flight of the Bumbleboys
5:28-33 WSJ How a Blogger Put Himself in the Middle of Mark Foley Story
5:33-9 In Era of Blockbuster Books, One Publishers Rolls the Dice

9:16-21 Not So Hidden Asset, His Wqife, Is Force in Lamont’s Senate Bid
9:22-5 A Fabled Run and One Last Night of Rock
9:38-31 NY Mag Could the Democrats Lose?
9:35-41 Market Rate for Mighty Mira
9:42-8 Can This Marriage Be Saved?

October 15, 2006

Sunday, October 15, 2006

11:23-9 LIVING ROOM NYT From Crime to Arrest, by Way of Computer
11:30-1 The Proletariat and the Parking Lot
11:32-8 Vows
11:38-40 Wooly Mammoths

October 14, 2007

Saturday, October 14, 2006

10:45-9 LIVING ROOM NYT Upstate, a Snowstorm Kills 3
10:50-9 Everything You Wanted to Know about Bedbugs but Were Afraid to Ask

October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

12:17-19 HOME OFFICE WSJ Rethinking Recess
12:19 Engineering Food at Level of Molecules
12:20-2 Man is Forced onto Highway and Hit by a Car in Brooklyn

7:55-6 LIVING ROOM City Acts to Add Low Cost Homes
7:56-7 A Cross Cultural Saga Wins the Booker Prize
7:58-9 Iraqui Dead May total 600,000 Study Says
8:-03 In Minnesota, Voters Tune Out Scandals and Infighting to Focus on Issues
8:40 WSJ Louis Vuitton Tries Modern Methods On Factory Lines

8:02-6 HOME OFFICE An Analyst Questions the Self-Perpetuating Side of Therapy
8:12-14 Friends for Life an Emerging Biology of Emotional Healing

8:19-23 Farmhouse Called Home is a Home to History Too

October 10, 2007

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

6:06-8 SUBWAY NYT Injecting a Bold Shot of the New on the Upper East Side
6:09 Slide Show at the Tate Modern
6:11 A $3 Water Purifier That Could Save Lives
6:12-18 The Last Word on the Last Breath

October 8, 2007

Sunday, October 8, 2006

1:22-6 HOME OFFICE google.com “shingles”
1:27-32 nih.org “shingles”

October 6, 2007

Friday, October 6, 2006

12:30-2 yahoofinance.com women’s retail cold sector snap mu ann “speculate” “maya”
2:29-35 Book 2.0 chronicle of highereduction july 28, 2006
2:37 villagevoice.com edit me!
2:39-41 The Book is reading You publishersweekly.com

October 5, 2007

Thursday, October 5, 2006

4:14-16 HOME OFFICE NYT Coliseum Books to Close by Year’s End
4:17-19 Paris isn’t New York or Milan: Vive Le Difference
4:19-20 Subversion as Entertainment or Putting the Put On
4:21-4 Hastert Fights to Save His Job in Page Scandal
4:25-6 Bloomberg is Set to Take Reins of 9/11 Memorial Foundation
4:28-35 The Counter as Altar L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
4:39-41 WSJ A Doggie Bag Sil Vous Plait
4:41-51 dcr.com “nikon d80”
4:56-8 The Shifting Calculus of Buying a Home
5:01-6 Global Sludge Ends in Tragedy for Ivory Coast
5:08-11 The New Ipod Ready For Battle

October 4, 2007

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

9:17 LIVING ROOM NYT A Small belated Step for Grammarians
9:18-21 Records Confirm CIA Chief Warned Rice on Al Queda
9:50-4 Pressure Grows for Republicans Over Foley Case
9:54-9 Police Investigate 03 Death After Charges Against Nurse

3:21-7 yahoofinance.com “genentech” “embraer”

October 3, 2007

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

1:43-6 HOME OFFICE WSJ Air Power
1:56-7 New Report that Senator Uttered Slurs
1:59-01 Judge Dismisses Murder Charge Against a Suspect in a 1990 Case
2:05-7 How a Google Search can Become a Security Threat
2:16-26 New Ideas for Building in the Face of Modernism
2:28-34 An Innocent Abroad, educed by a Madman
3:01 Wireless Networking May Soon Get Faster. Will Anyone Care
3:04-8 Is Hysteria Real?
3:10-11 Its Owner is Mourned but a Chinese Restaurant Goes On
3:13-18 Fortune’s Fool’s Why The Rich Go Broke
3:19-20 The Best and Worst in Executive Pay
3:25 A Battle on the Lower East Side
3:25-31 Chorus Line Returns as Do Regrets Over lIfe Stories Signed Away
3:33-5 In China Children Learn Class Minus the Struggle
3:38 Vico Magistretti,85 Furniture Designer Dies
3:39 ebay “magistretti”
3:48-52 WSJ What Independent 529 Plans Get You when Junio Applies to College
3:53 Beneath the Dow’s Surge, Investor’s Find a Mixed Bag
3:58 Blown Away by the ’03 Bourdeaux

4:48-5:24 SUBWAY NYER Atul Gawande The Score
5:32-5 The Mystic Word

9:18-27 The Mystic Word

October 2, 2007

Monday, October 2, 2006

8:52-7 SUBWAY WSJ After Engline Blew, Deciding to Fly On as Far as We can
8:57-9 Scratch n Sniff: Speacial Canine Unit Knows to Nose Scat
9:00-09 The Undateables
9:13-14 Finding Good Cheap Advice

October 1, 2007

Sunday, October 1, 2006

10:07-8 LIVING ROOM NYT New Hotels in London: High Style, Low Cost
10:08-11 The Way we List Now
Monday, October 2, 2006

12:21-2 LIVING ROOM NYT Seth Price

Friday, February 02, 2007

September 30, 2006

Saturday, September 30, 2006

7:12-15 LIVING ROOM NYT Pickers are Few and Growers Blame Congress

September 29, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

12:03-10 HOME OFFICE Yochaj Benkler The Wealth of Networks: How Social Productions Transforms Markets and Freedom
12:10-46 pulsethebook.com Robert Frenay Pulse the Coming Age of Systemss and Machines Inspired by Living Things
12:26 slashdot.com news for nerds Agro Waste Oil Plant Starts Production posted by Cowboy Neal on Fri May 21, 04 12:58AM
12:28-1:08 futureofthebook.org McKenzie Wark Version 1.1 GAM3R 7H3ORY
1:23-53 futureofthebook.org “sophie”
2:52-9 sarahoppenheimer.com “projects” “data” “news”
2:59 yahoofinance.com “ihc” Independence Holding Co.

September 28, 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006

2:46-50 HOME OFFICE WSJ Digital Music for Dummies
2:50-3 Moguls of New Media
2:56 myspace.com brookealley
2:57-03 youtube.com Evolution of Dance
3:07-9 The Mommy Drain
3:09 Efforts Mount to Cut Costs of Textbooks
3:10 A Fugitvie’s Haven in Africa Turned out to be Anything But

September 27, 2006

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

11:05-9 BROWN CAFÉ NYT New Campaign Ads Have a Theme: Don’t Be Nice
11:10-13 Newman’s Next Act
11:13-15 Pact Reached to Redevelop Far West Side
11:115-6 In the Marekt Finally a Mango with Great Flavor

3:21-7 LIVING ROOM NYT Forensic Skills Seek to Uncover Hidden Patterns of Elder Abuse

September 26, 2006

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

10:23-12:01 LIVING ROOM NYER David Remnick The Wanderer
12:02-4 Queda Operative, an Escapee in 05 is Killed in Attack

September 25, 2006

Monday, September 25, 2006

5:39-6:20 Sebald Austerlitz 16 pages

9:07-12 SUBWAY NYT Scissor Sisters Ta Duh Ludacris Release Therapy
9:12-15 WSJ Luxury Fashion Lite

September 11, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

11:34-40 SUBWAY WSJ Boundless Possibilities
11:44 Information Found and Shared
11:48-51 Return of the Cyclorama11:57-8 Blogwatch
11:58 STARBUCKS Where are they Now?
11:59-1205 NYT At Ground Zero, Towers of Forgetting

3:30-8 BROOKLYN COLLEGE Sebald Austerlitz 12 pages

8:52 SUBWAY NYT An Industry Based on a Simple Masquerade
9-9:05 Federer in a Class by Himself
9:12-17 Can Fashion be Copyrighted?

September 10, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

11:07-10 LIVING ROOM NYT After the Winning Hand
11:10-20 VOWS
11:21-5 A Melange of Asian Roots and Shifting Identities11:37-8 Call if Brooklyn
11:41-1 Try to Remember
11:42-3 Tales Told in Tin11:50-3 Sharapova Captures Open Title
11:56-8 Flyweight Flashlights that Sip Power

September 8, 2006

Friday, September 8, 2006

8:16-22 LIVING ROOM Afghan Symbol for Change Becomes a Symbol for Failure
8:24-9 Kenya Killings Put Aristocrat in Racial Fire
8:29-31 To Give Children an Edge, Au Pairs From China

11:12-19 HUDSON RIVER PARK The Unsold Warhol
11:20-4 Blake has a Moment Federer Has the Match

2:47-51 LIVING ROOM Another Split at Viacom
2:51-5 Mortgages Grow Riskier, and Investors are Attracted
2:55 Producer of American Idol Adds Fashion to his Empire
2:56-3 Freedom Tower Alone No More at Ground Zero

11:01-8 HOME OFFICE After Years Behind Bars, Now a Life on the Run
11:09-12 Interrogation Methods Rejected by Military Wins Bush’s Support
11:13-17 Lawyers and GOP Chiefs Resist Proposal on Tribunal
11:17-19 Wedding off, Jilted Bride Turns Party into a Benefit
11:20 google.com “kyle paxman”
11:21 sandiegounion.com “she did good”
11:24-35 Covering Your Tracks in an Online World Takes a Few Tricks
11:35-7 Look Ma No Brakes

4:37-44 WSJ The Concierge’s Secret Agenda
5:09-11 Hollywood’s Amateur Hour

September 7, 2006

Thursday, September 7, 2006

9:57-9 SUBWAYRoddick Returns just as Nadal Disappears
9:59-10:02 Discount Bus Companies Tangle Over Territory
9:53-5 DINING ROOM Equal Opportunity Offender Plays Anti-Semitism For Laughs
9:57-8 Publisher and Author Settle Suit Over Lies
9:58-10:01 He Could be a Contender, It Seems
10:02-3 A Rich Coat of Gloss on a Trajectory Spiralling Down
10:07-8 The Unpleasant Realities of a Family on the Edge
10:08 Nature on the Threshold
10:09-10 For Those on the Fence about Changing the Walls
10:14-15 Are there Windows that allow me to look out but nobody to look in?
10:20-5 Don’t Keep Your Data in One Stash
10:26-36 President Moves 14 Held in Secret to Guantanamo For Congress Two Votes Loom
10:37-9 Mrs Astor’s Guradian Says Son May Have Mishnadled Millions
10:40 HOME OFFICE On Austrian TV a True Story of Captivity

September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

2:17-22 SUBWAY WSJ A Comeback Story
2:26-8 Revisiting Executive Pay Law
2:29-32 Copper and Robbers: Homeownder’s Latest Worry
2:37-8 Big Banks on Campus
2:32-7 Trimming your Taxes: Why Roth 410k’s Often Beat Conventional 401k plans
2:39 Shopper’s Special Retail Stocks Now at Bargain Prices
2:41-3 We Watched Andre Agassi Grow
2:46-8 Snippy Things Folks Say About Your Home are Now Also Online
2:50 NYT This Can’t Be Love

September 5, 2006

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

1:13-17 HOME OFFICE A Portrait of China Running Amok
1:17-38 New Web Sites Seeking Profit in Wiki Model
1:32-4 ehow.com
1:36-8 wikihow.com
1:39-40 Myspace Music Store is New Challenge for Big Labels
1:41-4 Tropper Shot in Manhunt Dies of Injuries
1:44-8 GOP Faces Peril of Losing House Strategists Say

9:47-9 Couric Takes Anchor Chair on CBS
9:49-53 Criticism of Rumsfeld Becomes a Political Chorus
9:56-9 Many 9/11 Workers Have Lung Issues, Report Says
10-01 Jankovic Reaches US Open Semifinals
10:02-4 Roddick Playing like Connors and Acting Like Him, Too
10:05-7 When Toddlers Turn on the TV and Actually Learn

11:42-5 cnn.com teen describes her 8 years in captivity
111:49-50 Nadal is Upset, and Federer Loses His Foil

September 3, 2006

Sunday, September 3, 2006

7:50-1 nytimes.com Agassi’s Career Comes to a Close with a Loss
8:12-16 HOME OFFICE WSJ Deperate for a Cure
8:16 Mortgage Market Begins to See Cracks as Subprime-Loan Problems Emerge
12:20-24 Housing Complex of 110 Buildings For Sale in City
Monday, September 4, 2006

2:11-2:21 HOME OFFICE 5 emails

September 2, 2006

Saturday, September 2, 2006

1:54-7 LIVING ROOM WSJ Housing Boom’s Dark Side
1:57-2 Estate Tax Plans Get Trickier
2:08-10 Who’s the Man? Dave
2:12-12 Race Wasn’t an Issue to Him, which was an issue to me
2:14 Is it over? Log on and See
3:31-41 VOWS

September 1, 2006

Friday, September 1, 2006

9:37-41 LIVING ROOM NYT The Last Summer
10:01-5 A New Wine Auction Tactic: Bottom Feeding
10:07-21 Wine Lover’s Nose for Fakery Leads to Famed Bottles
10:21-4 How Does Warren Buffet Get Married? Frugally, It Turns Out

August 31, 2006

Thursday, August 31, 2006

9:47-52 Officials Reach California Deal to Cut Emissions
9:52-7 Google Man on Apple’s Board: Silicon Valley Fights Microsoft
9:57-10:01 Students’ Paths to Small Colleges Can Bypass Sat
11:42-4 LIVING ROOM Sharapova and Roddick Win With Style
11:44-5 Hingis Shows a New Silice in Her Return
12:37-41 Bulky Boxes Can TaKE GREAT PHOTOS

August 30, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

5:12-15 SUBWAY WSJ Consumer Demand and Growth Leave Dell Behind
5:16-17 Intimate aBetrayal: When the Elderly Are Robbed by Their Family Members
6:37-45 Despearte for a Cure

August 29, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

1:43-4 LIVING ROOM NYT Forget Legroom, What about water?
1:44-7 A Chef Turns his Wedding into a Five-Day Movable Feast
1:48-51 Picasso’s Other Muse, of the Sachshund Kind
1:52 -5African Languages Grow as a Wikipedia Presence

9:41-4 NYT Austrian Girl Describes 8 Years of Captivity and her Escape
9:55-5 guardian.co Kidnapped Girl Found Alive after 8 Years
10-02 Plane in Crash Nearly Made it Off Ground, Officials Say
10:03-4 South Dakota Plans its First Execution Since 1947
10:07 google.com “sirny” “elijah page”
10:09-17 hosted.ap.com Portrait of Elijah Page
10:17-19 RapidCity Journal.com New Governor puts Page execution on hold
10:19-21 SD Governor Hals Execution of Killer
10:26-30 A Man Who Looks in the Mirror and Smiles
10:41-2 The Math was Complex, the The Intentions, Strikingly Simple
10:44-9 Whispers of Mergers Set Off Bouts of Suspicious Trading

August 27, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

10:35-49 villagevoice.com “personals woman 36”
10:53 weatherunderground.com

August 26, 2006

Saturday, August 26, 2006

1:37-40 HOME OFFICE NYT Top Charge Dropped but China Gives Times Researcher 3 Years

Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 25, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006

10:24-6 Free Sharpcast Service Lets You Synchronize Your Photo Albums
10:26-31 True Mystery: Who Sold Famous Batch of Vintage Comics
10:55-8 msn.com bummer of a summer

2:30-41 Small Colleges, Short of Men Embrace Football
2:41-51 A List Director to Disney: It’s Not Nice to be Snubbed “the puff book”
2:51-4 Harvard Divided Over a Study Room by Alvar Aalto
2:55 CSS cansei de ser sexy
3:02 Endgame Rules: Borrow Sample Multiply Repeat
3:27-30 WSJ Out of Line Why We’re Reluctant to Reprimand Other People’s Children
3:31-2 In the Land of Wrinkled Noses
3:36-9 To Avert a Fractured Fairy Tale, A Wedding Planner

4:23- Cory Arcangel Raphael Gygax Minimalize Mario
4:40-4 www.turbulence.org data diaries cory arcangel
4:53 Craig Dworkin Legion II
4:54-5 ubu.org “Walter Ruttmann” “Seth Price”

August 24, 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006

3:50-1 LIVING ROOM NYT Defying Law, A Foie Gras Feast in Chicago
3:52-4 Study of Test Scores Finds Charter Schools Lagging
5-:5:10 Tempting Data, Privacy Concerns
5:10-15 Fired or Quit, Tom Cruise Parts Ways With Studio
5:17-19 Star Banker with Future, Emerges Free
5:19-26 Quattrone Deal Drops All Charges, Allows His Return to Wall Street
5:37-41 High Technology, Enthroned
5:33-6 Planting The Seeds
5:26-32 Housing Slump Proves Painful for Some Owners and Builders
6:05-9 For Hedge Funds Backing Cruise Could Be Risky Business
6:09 Disc Jockey’s Left Spinning By Couples Who Program Ipods for Wedding Music
6:14 Radio Daze
6:21-5 Lost in Translations
6:26 MTV Twenty Five Years of Pushing the Envelope
6:28-31 A Test for Alcohol and its Flaws
6:33-4 A Smithsonian of One’s Own In Flagrante Collecto

August 23, 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

8:12 SUBWAY WSJ Sumner Redstone Give Tom Cruise His Walking Papers

August 22, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

10:08-15 HOME OFFICE NYT From Their Own Online Wrold, Pedophiles Extend Their Reach
10:15-23 Pakistanis Find US an Easier Fit than Britain
10:24-26 nytimes.com Editorial Observer; The Television Has Disinegrated. All that’s Left is the Viewer
10:28-31 A Police Car with Plenty of Muscle
10:31-4 Now the Music Industry wants Guitarists to Stop Sharing
10:50-6 Code Promotions, A Madison Ave Staple, are Going Online
10:57-07 The Tragic Drama of a Broken City, Complete with Heros and Villains When the Levees Broke
11:09-15 Helping Fledgling Poets Soar with Confidence
11:15-12:16 AOL Acts on Release of Data
11:59 wikipedia “abdur chowdhury”
12:16-23 Rohaytn Will Take Lehman Post “I remember the first time I cam into contact with them. I was carrying Adren Meyer’s briefcase into a meeting with Bobby Lehman in the mid-1950’s. They had six desks. I ‘ve always had a yen for them.”
12:23-5 wikipedia “rohatyn” “greenberg”
12:25 style.com “greenberg”
12:25-33 What Organizations Don’t Want to Know Can Hurt
12:34 Tower Records will Auction its Assets
12:34-57 Web Surfing in Public Places is a Way to Court Trouble
12:57-9 The Fame Motive
2:41-4 An Aging Wild Man Writes Again, Quietly
3:51-6 Political Trailblazer is Quick to Microphone
4-02 Britain Charges 11 in Plane Case; Bomb Gear Cited
4:03 Bomb Plot Shocks Germans into Antiterrorism Debate
4:04 Escapee Kills Two Before Capture
4:09 Postmark Could Help Prove Rare Stamps are Authentic
4:15-19 WSJ Judge Finds Wiretap Actions Violate the Law
4:43-5 Fisherman love Alaska’s Bird Creek, But So Do Grizzlies
4:45 Hard Disk Drive, Once a Behemoth Weighing Over a Ton, Hits 50th Year
4:52-4 Political Scientists Get More Scientific in Studying the Vote
4:56 Art with a Message: Buy This House
4:56- 03 Playing Harder to Get
5:00-2 google.com “rachel mcadams”
5:05-9 A Successful Vintner Pours His Pasison into Dynastic Dream
5:14- 15 Unlocking Your Inner Architect
5:15 sketchup.google.com
5:16 What Happens when an eBay Steal is a Fake
5:30-3 Directors Take Note: Samuel Beckett was a Micromanager
5:34-8 A Woman Fights to Unravel the Mystery of Her Rare Disease
5:51-2 Faces Too are Searched as US Airports Try to Pick Out Terrorists Before they Board
5:52 NYT Couples are Breaking the Racial Barriers Involved in Adoptions
5:56 Many Experts Fault Reasoning of Judge in Surveillance Ruling
6-02 Rents are Rising Rapidly after long Lull
6:05-6 Man Who Had His Wife Killed Gets New Sentence: Life
6:09 The You Tube Election
6:15-16 The Coldest Case
6:17-19 The Don Quixote of the Plumed Set
6:34-9 WSJ Hot Rod Haven: Speeding for Charity on a Utah Highway
6:39 Aiming for Diversity Textbooks Overshoot
8:20-3 Billiard’s Best Spin Doctors Vie in a Three-Cushion Zone
8:24 City Subways Put New Cars into Service as a Test Run
8:24-6 Plan for New Rail Station Appears Stalled Once Again
8:26 Out for a Chat on the Street, then a Fatal Bullet
10:05-11 Chicken Soup for the Street Fighter
10:11-16 The Trouble When Jane Becomes Jack
10:16-21 Fatherhood I now Learn is a Young Man’s Game
10:25-30 It’s Getting Easier to be Green
10:34-6 Ben Wood Our Man in Shanghai
10:40-3 Hazing Bares a Dark Side of Russia’s Military
10:43-07 Tracing British Terror Plots, British Watch, Then Pounce
11:09-11 Ping Pong Star Had to Spend a Week in a Cucumber Patch
11:12-17 A trader’s Train to Wall St, Conneticut
11:23-5 Web Sleuths Veryify Celebrity Profiles on MySpace
11:27-31 Olympics Imperil Historic Beijing Neighborhood
11:32-5 Yeah, They Torture Jeans. But It’s All for the Sake of Fashion
11:38-9 Let’s Hear it for the Lounge Act
11:40 It’s Hot. Drink Your Wheat
11:45-7 A Family Tragedy Unfolds Before Neighbor’s Eyes
12:02 Six Women, A Cave and Some Monsters

August 21, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

1:42-2:07 LIVING ROOM NY’er John Lahr Petrified
2:07-10 Data Far and Wide
3:25 Paul Muldoon Hummingbird

12:21-3 DINING ROOM TABLE McCain Mines Elite of GOP for 2008 Team
12:23-7 Betting on the Bus Station as a Dinner Destination
12:37-9 You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover

August 20, 2006

Sunday, August 20, 2006

2:36-36 LIVING ROOM NYT Vows

7:21:51 HOME OFFICE 2:58-3:02 Freed from Guantanamo but Stranded Far From Home Bruno Latour The Powers of Fac Simimiles. A Turing Test on Science and Literature
7:55-7 NYT Call it Crazy? Seeking Science in Séance. Ghost Hunters
7:58-9 mpire.com “samsung 2010”
8:07-10 Accusations of a Hate Crime Expose Tensions
8:25- 9 WSJ A Novel Way to Reduce Home Energy Bills
8:30-1 Hotels Step In to Fill the Toiletry Void; Crest at Avis Counters
8:31-3 Constant Vigilance: A mothers Struggle to Manage Her Child’s Diabetes at School
8:34-6 Keeping Frequent Fliers Flying Amind New Rules
8:38-9 In Literature, Lessons for Life The Things That Matter
8:40-2 A World Beyond Dial Up

10:01-03 Time Magazine, Hoping to Gain Readers, Shifts to Friday
10:03-8 A London Hedge Fund That Opts for Engineers, Not MBA’s
10:08-16 A Generic Drug Tale, with an Ending Yet to be Written
10:16- 32 Advertisers Trace Paths Users Leave on Internet
10:18-26 aol “mirror site”
10:38-41 Where the Focus is Sharp but the Categories Blurry Elizabeth Dee
10:41-8 andrewkreps.com “peter coffin”
10:48-11 The road to Catharsis with Those 2 Immortals Kiki and Herb Alive on Broadway
11-04 We ask So Much of our Batteries These Days
11:04-5 Churning Out Ice Cream till the Sunday after Next
11:05-10 Vong
11:11 Lawman, Cleared of Shoplifting, Accuses Store of Damagaing Career

August 19, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

2:45-3:10 HOME OFFICE pcmag.com “laser printers”
3:10-4:21 wikipedia “bruno latour” “software” “interface”
7:33- 9:23 Katherine Hayles How We Became Posthuman The Materiality of Informatics

August 18, 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

1:32-42 Inquiry Suggests Marines Excised Files on Killings
2:21-5:20 Matthew Fuller Behind the Blip 12 pages

August 17, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

11:23-12:32 Felix Stalder The Space of Flows: nots on emergence, characteristcs and possible impact on physical space openflows.org/html/space_of_flows.html
5:28-35 Arrest in Ramsey Case Present More Questions than Answers
6:20 HOME OFFICE Matthew Fuller Behind the Blip 42 pages

August 16, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

1:05-6 SUBWAY Harlem Deli Worker Dies After Struggle Over a Box of Cereal
1:07-8 Ken Richmond, 80, Gong-Striker Familiar to Film Goers, Dies
1:09-10 For French Blacks, a Face on TV News is Only the Start
1:10-12 Verizon is Rewiring NY, Block by Bloc, in a Race for Survival
1:13-17 When Elevators Break Doown, City’s Enforecment Can Falter
2:45-9 Hezbollah’s Rockets Are Critical Issue for Negotiators
2:50-3 Hunters are the Least of the Grose’s Worries in Britian
3:05-9 Planned Tower would cap off Revitalization of Times Square
3:10-12 Four Die on Turnpike as a Flatbed Truck Slams into Cars
3:14-18 WSJ The Guard Dog Ate My Matisse
3:18-20 Money and Happiness: Here’s Why You Won’t Laugh All the Way to the Bank
3:21-4 Bees on a Plane are a Real Life Problem Vexing Some Pilots

8:59-9 PATH What are Web Surfers Seeking? Well. its Just What You’d Think
9:04-6 Charities Begin at Home
9:07-9 Until Recently Full of Primise, Satellite Radio Runs into Static
9:09-17 Student Plagiarism Stirs Controversey at Ohio University

10:35-11:22 HOME OFFICE Matthew Fuller Behind the Blip 34 pages

August 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

11:12-17 ccn.com Jon Benet Killer
11:17-23 wikipedia.com jon benet

3:54-6:20 Matthew Fuller Behind the Blip 68 pages

August 14, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

11:35-8 HOME OFFICE NY MAG Out of the Ashes Artifacts recovered from the ruins of ground zero
12:111:12-23 The Survivor’s Circle Eight who were there meet and compare lives
12:23-5 Two Men are Accused of a Hate Attack in Queens

August 13, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006

8:20-23 LIVING ROOM NYT More Miata, Minus the Name
8:30-8 For Lack of Teachers, Students Are Turned Away from Nursing
11:47-9 Sizing Up People who Tell Us to Take off our shoes
11:50-12 In Vino Veritas?
12:02-5 Indistrial Art Illuminates Life
12:02-15 Vows
12:18-20 Sweaty Artists, Wild Dancing. There’s a Problem?
1:25-7 Possums are Playing Upside-Down Role in Florida Elections

2:25-4:53 Michael Truscello The Birth of Software Studies: Lev Manovich and Digital Materialism

10:21-3 Federal Panel Hammers Out Report on Recommendations to Shake Up Higher Education
10:23- San Franciscans Try Again to Suicide-Proof The Golden Gate Bridge

August 12, 2006

Saturday, August 12, 2006

10:42-4 HOME OFFICE NYT Once Again the Tragedy You Can’t Avoid
10:44 House of Sand
10:50-11:31 Terror Plot Foiled; Airports Quickly Clamp Down
11:31-4Liquid Threat is Hard to Detect
11:34-5 It’s Not Hard to Use Fluids to Cause an Explosion on a Plane
11:35-7 Scale and Detail of Plane Scheme Recall Al Queda

August 11, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

9:50-1 The Customer Wants a Juicy Steak. Just Add Water
9:51-7 WSJ Outbreak of Rabies Mars the Comeback of Canines in China
9:57-00 Corporate Art Choice: Go for Bold Statement or Creepy Blandness?
10- 02 Apple Unveils New Computer
10:02-8 Famous, Online
10:11-12 A New Lease on Life for 529 Plans
10:12-14 Stuck in Phone Tree: Some Companies Try To Make Escape Easier
10:25-27 Want Fat With That?
10:36 New From Toyland: Gadgets that Chat
10:37-40 On My Space, Millions of Users Make ‘Friends’ with Ads
11:40-2 After the Flood, the Reckoning
11:59-Clinton, Unlike Lieberman, Dodges Political Peril For War Vote
12:02-3 At Least 10 Deaths in City Attributed to Heat
12:10-12 A Pop Star with Cheek. And Bite
12:11 acquisition.com lily allen
12:54 50 Guys All Trying to Look Like Bruce Lee
12:54-7 PBS FIRING of the Host on a Show for Children Draws Protest
1:03-5 GI Crime Photos May Be Evidence
1:07-8 Jason Rhoades, 41 Maker of Transgressive Installations
1:09- 12 Let’s Say Your Toilet Backs Up. How do you find a plumber?

2:05-5:12 Susan Buck-Morss The Dialectics of Seeing Natural History Historical Nature Ruin

August 10, 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006

9:39-44 HOME OFFICE NYT After the Bomb Kills Loved Ones, Life Turns Ghostly in Lebanon
9:44-7 Hit On Bridge North of Tyre Isolates South of Lebanon
9:48-50 One of Two Charged in Serial Killings Proclaims His Innocence
9:51-4 CIA Contractor Goes to Trial in Abuse Case
9:54-8 DeLay Must Stay on Ballot After Court Rejects Appeal
9:59-01 Ohio Republican Tied to Abramoff Abandons Re-Election Bid
10:01-5 In Law’s Charity Has One Donor, Astor, and Few Public Details
10:05-10 Latrobe’s Fizzle is Newark’s Fizz
10:09-11 Murder Suspect Surrenders, Tired of Decade of Hiding
10:11-13 Daughter is Charged in Murder of High School Teacher in May
10:14-15 Head in the Clouds? Yes, and Proud of It
10:26-9 Call it Jeanetics: Pants Now Need their Own Specialist Scholars Jeans
10:46-7 Tale of the Tapeworm
10:48- Plot to Bomb Jets is Thwarted in Britain
11:01-3 Bloggers Drive Inquiry on How Altered Images Saw Print
11:24-27 WSJ In China 3500 Test the Waters of the Pearl River
11:29 Shopping Mall Masters
11:33-4 In New England, A different Kind of Fall
11:35 A Breakout Movement for BookShelves
11:36 a Head Start on the Future of High Def
11:37-9 Weighing A Switch to Mac
12:15-17 Apple Completes Transition to Intel Chips
12:17-19 AOL Removes Data on Vast Group of Web Users

10:57-11 Swell or Swill?
11-03 New Wifi Routers Aren’t Any Better than Last Year’s Gear
11:10-16 Homewners Start to Feel The Pain of Rising Rates
11:16- Hoarders Vs. Deleters: How You Handle Your Email Inbox Says A Lot about You
11:21 For Housing a Finger In the Wind
11:43-7 China Turns Out Mummified Bodies For Displays
11:48 Coke and Pepsi Try to Persuade Indians that Drinks are Safe
11:52-4 The Secret Garden of Ninth Avenue
11:53 Help! Mosquitoes
11:57 Brooklyn’s Bloom, a Sight (and Stench) Not to Be Missed
12:07-8 After Ten Years and Many Turns, Murder Trial Starts in Nashville
12:09- Is the TV Off? No, It’s Really on Standby, Using Current
12:13-15 The Many Voices of Wikipedia, Heard in One Place
12:16- Picture Tubes are Fading ino the Past
12:31-3 Will Insulating with Straw Catch Fire?
12:36 Another Kind of Crisis Management The Change Function

August 9, 2006

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

9:37-45 SUBWAY NYT Lieberman Loses Senate Primary But Stays in Race

9:50-2 NY CIVIL COURT Lamont is Victor

12:12-5 BETH ISRAEL Pinned Under the Weight of Shattered Towers, and 9/11 History
12: 15-17 Sattelite Film Review
12:18-25 A Face is Exposed for AOL Searcher No. 4417749

3:45-49 PERFORMING ARTS PHYSICAL THERAPY In New Jersey, Decorated Detective’s Life is Cut Short
3:49-52 On Amazon, All of a Sudden Everyone’s A Milk Critic

10:50-3 HOME OFFICE Diner Beware: Turisti Pay More in Roman Restaurants
10:53-5 Chinese Tech Buffs Slake Thirst for U.S. TV Shows
11:18-20 The Heroes of Housing are Those who Say No
11:21- 4 Branches, Branches
11:27-8 After Bomb Kills Loved Ones, Life Turns Ghostly in Lebanon

August 8, 2006

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

9:15-11:15 LIVING ROOM Guyton/Walker The Failever of Judgment
11:17-22 friedrichpetzel.com Wade Guyton

August 7, 2006

Monday, August 7, 2006

9:13-18 LIVING ROOM WSJ Are Frappucino Wars Or Frugality To Blame for Starbucks’ Stubmle
9:18-25 Vows
9:25-9 In the Summer, In the City, the Heat Changes a Tune
9:30-3 9/11 Commisoners Say They Went Easy on Guiliani to Avoid Public’s Anger
9:33 10 More Died in Heat Wave, Coroners Say
9:33-5 Theatre District Will Get Taller, If Not Richer
9:36-7 From Squeak to Chic
9:38-40 Tulips and Two-By-Fours
9:40 Unrealized Real Estate
9:43-5 As the Heat Rosee, the Hyrdrants Gushed
9:45-8 Toyota Drove to the Bank in a Ford
9:50-2 Is it the Drun or the Drink Doing the Talking
9:50-2 So English is Takin Over the Glove. So What
9:57-9 The Rich Spend Just Like You and Me
9:59-10 Old MacDonald Had A Produce Growing Coop

August 6, 2006

Sunday, August 6, 2006

9:43- 07 HOME OFFICE NYT Facing Middle Life with No Degree and No Wife
10:07-12 New Voter Registration Stirs Debate in Ohio
10:13-15 Dead Zone Reappears Off Oregon Coast
10:15-16 Wanted: Youths to Help Disarm Weapons
10:18-19 The Summer Drink to be Seen With
10:19-27 My Other Vihicle is a Gulfstream
10:27-30 I Wore Shorts to work and they Laughed

August 5, 2006

Saturday, August 5, 2006

3-5:57 wikipedia world wide web network typology

11:30-3 wikipedia static electricity
11:03-23 Joseph Beuys Life and Works
11:23-46 Joseph Beuys Centre Pompidou

August 4, 2006

Friday, August 4, 2006

9:42-8 HOME OFFICE varnelis.net cathedrals of the culture industry a breif history of horizontality the centripetal city: telecommunications, the internet and the shaping ot he modern urban envoronment
10:41-31 Seattle Public Library OMA/LMN 32 pages
10:46-57 Hans Haacke Framing and Being Framed
10:47-9 printedmatter.org martin kippenberger
10:49-51 wikipedia.com “internet” “distributed networks”

August 3, 2006

Thursday, August 3, 2006

1:26-45 LIVING ROOM OCTOBER Rosalind Krauss Bachelors
1:45-57 Thierry De Duve Marcel Duchamp
1:57-2:04 W.G. Sebald Austerlitz
2:40-1 In Mysteries of Reaching 104m Nrs, Astor Offers A Case Study
2:39-40 Bruno’s Granddaughter Is Found in Times Square
2:41-3 Dismissed Butler is at Center of Astor Suit, Lawyer Says
2:45-50 Inquiries in Britain Uncover Loopholes in Drug Trials
2:52-5 Civilians Lose As Fighters Slip inot Fog of War
2:58-9 Fight Over Evolution Shifts in Kansas School Board Vote
2:59-3 Rumsfeld, in Reversal, Agrees to Tesitfy at Senate Hearing
3:01-3 With the Heat Full Blast, Inconvenience But No Disasters
3:04 With Dial on Broil, City Staggers Through Day

5:41-2 Patrick Meagher HOME OFFICE ANE Office Annual Report 2005

11-03 NYT 12 Israeli’s Die; Sheik Threatens to Bomb Tel Aviv
11:05 Nyer Cold Case
11:05-7 NYT.com Neighborhood Report: Midtown; An Appeal to Conscience in a Hit Run Death
11:07-14 google.com “douglas dibble” “wallace evelyn dibble”
11:14-33 google.com “kirsten westphal”
11:33-4 Nyer Cat’s Away Dept
11:34-5 Wikipedia “chicks on speed”
11:37-45 chicksonspeed.com
11:46-8 youtube.com chicks on speed wordy rappinghood
11:48-50 glamour girl
11:51-3 shoe velocity
11:54-6 we don’t play guitars
11:54-9 Chicks on speed live at sonarsound Tokyo 2004.10.09
12:04-8 Kaltes klares wasser

August 2, 2006

Wednesday, August 2, 2006
10:12-15 LIVING ROOM WSJ Vatican Ties Just Go So Far
10:15-20 SUBWAY NYT City Dims Lights as Heat Strains The Power Grid
10:20-42 BETH ISRAEL MEDICAL NYT No Problems are Reported as Power Use Sets Records
10:42-3 Checking up on those Trapped at Home
10:43-5 Generators Generate Love and Hate in Queens
10:52-5 Restored, an Emperor’s Lair will be Forbidden No More
10:58-11 Union Leaders Say EPA Bends to Policitcal Pressure
11-01 Two Charged in Insurances Scams Now Charged in Killings
11:02-4 Washington Traffic Jam? Senators Only Elevator

10:48-51 Postal Service Finds a Friend in the Internet

11:23-12:24 LIVING ROOM Rosalind Krauss The Originality of the Avant-Garde Notes to the Index

August 1, 2006

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

8:09-11 LIVING ROOM NYT Sumemrtime Tug of War: Cool the Air, or Sweat It Out
8:11 Blackout Losses Exceed Con Ed’s Lmit, Survey Says
8:12-14 Newark Officer Fatally Shot Suspect in Custody, Police Say
8:14=16 Crackdown Makes the Pleasures of a Cultural Thing Rickier
8:50-2 Mother’s Companion is Usspected in Death of a 2 Year Old Bronx Girl
9:04-5 How Was Your Vacation? Humiliating
9:05-6 Say Hi to Your Mom Impeccable Blahs
9:06-8 Rick Ross Port of Miami
9:13-15 Name Dropper’s Boarding School Intrigue Special Topics in Calamity Physics
9:15-20 Into the Labyrinth The Keep10:15-25 Men Not Working and Not Wanting Just Any Job
10:36-8 At 25, Media Fates Came to Call
10:42-5 Some in Santa Fe Pine for Lost Symbol, but Others Move On
1:58-03 WSJ With Planes Packed, Being Late Has Never Been So Expensive
4:50-2 A Former Astor Aide Tells How Spending Habits Changed
4:52-3 The Powedery Remanants are Gone, but the Stamp of Addiction Remains
4:53-4 Teenage Mugger Draws 22 Year Sentence in Murder of 15 Year Old for Ipod
4:55-5 Doctor Failed to Tell Agency of Girl’s Abuse

5:50-4 HOME OFFICE google.com “marisha pessl”
5:54-03 calamityphysics.com

9:37-8 The Mr. Moto Collection, volume 1
10:25-6 The Sadistic Blood Lust of an Attempt to Get Rich Quick
10:39- 40 WSJ Big Screen Miami Vice
10:42-4 The Lessons Learned from Red Green Wine
11:00-2 Tax Cheats Called Out of Control
11:06-8 What’s So Funny?

July 31, 2006


July 30, 2006

Sunday, July 30, 2006

10:24-29 HOME OFFICE NYT Israel Halts Bombing After Deadly Strike
10:30-3 A Night of Death and Terror for Lebanese Villagers

July 29, 2006

Saturday, July 29, 2006

10:53-7 The Fortune She Gave
10:58-11 Town Battling Illegal Immigration is Emptier Now
4:01-5 Brooke Astor’s Maine Estate Now Belongs to His Wife
4:05-10 A Teenager’s Last Steps on a Trail of Missed Chances
4:10-14 A Techno Minimalist for Anti-Minimalists Dominik Eulberg

July 28, 2006

Friday, July 28, 2006

10:45-50 Socialite’s Son Defends Care of His Mother
10:50-2 Mood Over Miami Miami Vice
10:52-7 Chicago Orders Big Box Stores to Raise Wage
12:12-4:23 Daniel Gilbert Stumbling on Happiness 124 pages

8:33-6 nypost.com last call
8:36-9 Newyorkdailynews.com Teen never had a chance

July 27, 2006

Thursday, July 27, 2006

10:46-7 HOME OFFICE WSJ Inner Caveman Returns to Bud Lite
10:47-51 London is So Dry It’s Planting Cactus in Place of Begonias
10:51-7 Nice Rats , Nasty Rats: Maybe It’s All in the Genes
10:57-8 Water Safety is a Summertime Essential
10:58-08 Celebrating Puzzles, in 18,446,744,073,709,551.616 Moves (or So)
11:08-11 A Hotel with 2 Kinds of Condos: Dear, and Dearer, Still
11:11-12 A Bear-Eye’s View of the Heat (Don’t Worry, It’s Cool)
11:18-19 Study of Songbirds Finds High Levels of Mercury
11:20-5 Crash Principals Still Await Payments for Their Work
11:25-6 Unabashedly Raunchy: Peaches
11:27-9 Flying with Children (Yours or Theirs)
11:31-5 Stem Cell Work Gets States Aid After Bush Veto
11:35 Huge Buyout of Hospital Group Highlights Era of Going Private
11:39-47 China’s Nomads trade Up fo an Easier Ride
12:05 The Summer Uniform: Short, Sweet and Cool
12:10-12 In Sleek Fish Market Missing Romance of the Old Ways
12:11 Some Leeway for the Small Shoplifter

12:35-38 You’re Either on the Family Bus or Off Little Miss Sunshine
12:38-40 Tate Modern Announces Plan for an Annex
12:40-8Creamy Healthier Ice Cream? What’s the Catch?
1:37- Options Expand for High-Speed Internet
2:09 http://www.deakin.edu.au/hmnbs/psychology/gagepage/Pgstory.php Phineas Gage’s Story

July 26, 2006

Wednesday, July 26. 2006

10:36-42 SUBWAY Onstage and Off, Sole Debate for Spitzer and Suozzi is Fiery
10:42-4 Man Who Told Many Secrets Kepts His Own
10-55-01 Blackout Area Has A History of Breakdowns
11:01-6 Twist on Famous Forumula: A Severed Hand in a Topless Dancer’s Jar
11:10-12 Near the End of tehe Line for the Powerless, Despair is Found
11:13-13 MTA To Consider Railyard Bid
11:13 In an Exchange of Zingers the Truth can Hurt

11:21-24 NY CIVIL COURT ROOM Talking the Taxi to Higher Heights
11:25-34 Sales Slow for New Homes and Old
11:26-30 TIVO is Watching When you Don’t Watch, and It Tattles
11:31-3 Teen People Will Close, but Web Site Will Continue
12:13-15 Costs of Completition Send Amazon Profit Down 58%
12:22-26 BROWN CAFÉ Celebrity Fatigue?
12:26-8 It May bea Long Time Before the Long Tail is Wagging the Web

1:52-7 How New Deadly Pocketknives Beccame a $1Billion Business
4:25-30 Still Sexy at 60?
4:30-1 After Bottled Water? Purified Ice Cubes

July 25, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

11:47-12:39 HOME OFFICE wikipedia.org “pattern language” “christopher alexander”
12:39-49 patternlanguage.com
12:49-58 Erich Gamma design patterns CD
1:34-7 nih.org “osteoporosis”
1:51- 4 A Notice to Evice, Served on a White Tablecloth
1:55-7 Missile Falls on Bronx Highway but It’s a Dud Used for Exercises
1:57-9 Seeing the News Distilled On Paper
1:59 Tina Fey Leaves SNL
2-01 Students Died as They Lived, Playing Soccer with Friends
2:02-5 4 Officers Hurt (one by Put Bull) as Police Fire 26 Shots to Kill Dog in Bronx
3:27-34 Debris is Gone but Legal Issues Remain to Sift Through
3:29-31 Doctor Dies from Wounds Suffered in Blast
3:34- Suspect in String of Felonies Pleads Not Guilty, Insolently
3:37 google.com “diana bianchi”
3:37-9 webshots.com “brazil”
3:39-41 Police Hold Man as Suspect in String of Crimes
3:41-3 Suffolk Man Charged with Raping 6 Girls He Met Online
3:43-5 Should Museums Always Be Free
3:52 A Short Course on Bridge Loans
3:54-6 Paying for Coverage You May Not Need
4:07-10 More Lights Go On in Queens, One Unhappy Block at a Time
4:11-18 Shop That Sells Bait to the Stars is Moving Soon
4:19-22 A Vacant Lot In the South Bronx Was Their Paradise
4:22 At the Day Spa, Soaking Through the Night
5:45-55 wikipedia.org “recursion” “object oriented programming” “object oriented language”

8:14-15 Priest Is Killed by Minivan
8:15-20 New York Has Work to Do to Keep ts Tap Water Pure
8:21-5 At Homeless Encampment Some Favor the Mayor’s Plan
8:28-9 WSJ Better Rates on the Web
8:30-3 Take Comfort: the Joy of Cooking Gets Back to Basics
8:36-7 New Headache for Homeowners: Inflated Appraisals
8:38- 43 Internet Grocerrs Can Help You Avoid Supermarket, but is it Worth the Price
8:46-9 Of Poetry and Publicity Collected Poems Edith Sitwell
8:49-50 Central Europe on Two Beers a Day
8:51-5 Cracking the Neaderthal Code
10:49- 51 Major Math Problem is Believed Solved by Reclusive Russian
10:51 Will the Boat Sink the Water
11- 03 Grading Surgeons May Be Healthy Practice

July 24, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006

10:34-9 DINING ROOM NYT To Flee Or Stay? Family Chooses and Pays Dearly
11:15-25 LIVING ROOM Nyer Know It All
11:27-30 NYPOST Band Plays on For Peter the Cheater
11:31 Justin Time
11:32Who’s the Dad?
11:33 Namibia May Have Used Brangelina
11:30-45 NYMag The 101 Best Cheap Eats
11:45 A Glass of Wine, and a Pacifier Please
11:48-50 Playing to the Audience
11:55-6 Sea, Sun and Hungry Sex Miami Vice

July 23, 2006

Sunday, July 23, 2006

11:32-5 Grease is the Word: Fill it Up with Fry Oil
11”35-40 Cheating the Broker

July 22, 2006

Saturday, 22, 2006

10:42-5 LIVING ROOM NYT In Homes Without Power, Different Degrees of Suffering
10:45-7 What the Naïve Consumers Don’t Know Can Help You
10:47-9 Lawyer for Accused GI Says Confession was Forced

July 21, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

10:12-43 HOME OFFICE Slavoj Zizek The Parallax View 4 pages

July 20, 2006

Thursday, July 20, 2006

8:49-50 HOME OFFICE Bortolami Dayan.com “My Mirrors Are Painted Black” curated by Banks Violette
9:13-20 NYT Mag Reasons to Worry
9:20-1 The DJ Auteur
9:25-31 mediabistro.com Q&A: Chuck Klosterman

11:57- passim Zizek The Parallax View The Loop of Freedom
12:56-07 guardian.com “I realized Sylvia Must Have Known about Assia’s pregnancy”
1:07-35 salon.com the real sylvia plath part 1, 2

8:06-11 SUBWAY First Bush Veto Maintains Limits On Stem Cell Use
8:12-17 Accused Doctor Said to Have Faced Chaos at New Orleans Hospital
8:18 Like Having a Secretary in Your PC

July 19, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

1:43-2:01 HOME OFFICE google.com askdrsears.com “coxsackie virus”

July 18, 2006

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

10:16-21 LIVING ROOM NYT Just Another Face in the Crowd, Indistinguishable Even If it’s Your Own
10:23-4 Want to Improve Your Recall? Try Sleeping On It
10:25 Who Eats Whom?
10:48 Times to Reduce Page Size And Close a Plant in 2008

11-11:10 Maybe We Should Leave That Up to the Computer
11:13-18 GOP Senator Resisting Bush Over Detainees
11:18-28 Brainy Robots Start Stepping Into Daily LIfe11:38-9 Wonder Where the Fat Cat Learned to Eat
11:28-34 Homeless in City Face New Effort to Clear Streets
11:34-6 A Conflict that Will Stay Close to Home
11:43-5 Robert H. Brooks, 69, Owner of Hooters Restaurant Chain
11:45-7 Boy With an Allergy Wins in Battle Over City Trees
1:19-19 wikipedia.com “Robert Hecht-Nielsen” “confabulation” “hooters”

July 17, 2006

Monday, July 17, 2006

9:25-10:11 LIVING ROOM Richard Brautigan Trout Fishing in America 32 pages

9:16-8 The Starsky and Hutch of West 74th Street
9:18-20 A Second Chance on the West Side
9:33-5 A Night Out with Nelly Furtado

July 16, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006

11:23-5 Executive Pay: the 9/11 Factor
3:15-21 LIVING ROOM NYT The Minute When Everything Changed
3:21-5 A Twist on Money Laundering: Rob Bank. Rinse, Repeat.
3:29-37 Fleeting Pathos of a New York Minute

7:34-9 HOME OFFICE Where’s Bucky?Dragnet Yields Whimsy and Dread Upstate

July 15, 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006

7:35-44 SUBWAY NYT A Tussle of Sorts, Over Organics
7:44-52 Keep Eyes Fixed on Variable Mortgages
7:52-4 What Women Want

July 14, 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006

10:11-1:07 HOME OFFICE wikipedia.com “ambient music” “idm” “richie hawkin” “oval” “warp” “bedbug” “richard brautigan”
12:26-1:07 brautigan.net
1:12-2:20 wikipedia.org google.com goggleimages.com “barbara brautigan” “akiko brautigan” “tom mcguane” “peter fonda” “bridget fonda”
2:12-3:04 Lawrence Wright, The Life and Death of Richard Brautigan Rolling Stone April 11 ‘85

5:26-31 SUBWAY Bush Would Let Secret Court Wiretap Process
5:33-5 Ex CIA Officer and Husband Sue Cheney, Libby and Rove Over Leak

10:32-8 NYT Two Odes to Nature, Grand and Demure
10:40-57 foodnews.org why reducing pesticides
11:18-25 For Accused GI, Iraq Only Added to His Woes
11:27-30 On Dusty Corner, Laborers Band Together for More Pay
11:31-3 His Visions of Taiwan Soar, From a Very Long String
11:34-7 Many Workers Fail to Collect in Small Claims Court
11:37-8 12 Year Term Given to Man Who Tried to Seize Girl
11:43-7 College Costs and Sallie Mae Rising Hand in Hand

10:38-40 HOME OFFICE NYT And They All Died Happifly Ever After
1040-2 Loneliness, Generosity and Selfishness at the End of Life Time To Leave
10:42 The Random, the Violent, and the Boob Tube Effect 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance
10:43-5 Growing up Is Hard to Do Especially When You’re 35 The Groomsmen
10:47-8 Th Oh in Ohio

11:49-05 LIVING ROOM NYTMag Eliza Minot and Her Siblings Have Spent Their Adulthoods
12:08-18 Short and Sweet
12:18-20 Parts of Speech
12:21 Questions for Peter Galbreaith The Break Up
12:30-3 NYTBR Stanley Fish They Write the Songs
12:22-4 NYT Learning to Bypass the Road Blocks
1:03-12 The Boot Cut Slim Fit Bell Bottom Boogie

July 13, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

9:27-9 HOME OFFICE WSJ Court Says Prosecutors Pressure White-Collar Defendants Unfairly
9:30-9 In Bid to Boost Flagship Brand Heinz Courts a Golden Customer
9:39-47 At Apple, Secrecy Complicates Life but Maintains Buzz
9:50-2 How Many Computers Does it Take to Make Contact with ET’s
9:52-5 wikipedia.com “distributed computing” “seti.hom” “floating point”
9:59-10 http://www.wcpo.com/news/2004/local/10/08/seti.html State Employee Fired for Using State Property to Search for Extra Terrestrials
10:33-9 Downtown Goes Upscale
10:39 Out of College, Now Living in Urban Dorms
10:39-40 Don’t Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters
10:41- 4 For Joey Hot Dog, A World on the Wane
10:45-8 Let Us Now Praise Sort of Famous Men
10:49-11:12 Nabbing the Elusive Nickel
11:08-10 Collecting Signatures, and a Little Grief
11:13-15 Chanelling the Cat’s Meow 12:48-50 Mr. Peanut, You’re Perfect. Now Change.
11:18-20 Now You See It… The March of the Futons
11:20-21 Next Door to Protected Elegance, Lexington Avenue Urges, Me Too
11:29-30 Walk a Mile in My Shoes
11:42-5 When the Personality Disorder Wears Camouflage
11:45 His Hipness: John G. Roberts
11:45-8 Among the Ghosts: Heroes and Grand Plans
1:02-12 A. Davies Applied Economics “Computational Intermediation and the Evolution of Computation as a Commodity”
2:55-6 He Wasn’t Thinking Straight, So How do You Get Through?
2:59 Sleep Proves More Elusive Than Many Believe
2:59 Refining Vision Surgery for a Sharper Focus
3:00-3 Forget the Second Helpings. It’s the First Ones that Surprise You
3:35-51 Rogue Giants at Sea
3:45-51 wikipedia.com “munchen”
3:53-01 A Job with Travel but No Vacation

9:45-11:12 Franco Moretti Modern Epic 43 pages
10:12-12:12 Zizek The Sublime Object of Ideology 14 pages

July 12, 2006

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

11:21-31 SUBWAY Blast Levels Town House; Inquiry Focusses on Owner
12-12:02 If Walls Could Have Talked, They Might Have Said Something Classified
12:03 The Day Disaster Arrived on East 62nd
12:19-1:10 NY MAG Some Dark Thoughts on Happiness
2:04-08 BETH ISRAEL MEDICAL CENTER Some Dark Thoughts on Happiness
2:10 The Look Book
2:11-14 A South Fork Story
2:15 NYT A Haitian Exile is Arrested, to His Compatriot’s Relief
2:21-6 Meth Users, Attuned to Detail, Add Another Habit: Identity Theft
2:27 Pit Bull of the House Latches on to Immigration
2:33-5 Century After Murder, American Tragedy Draws a Crowd
2:37-8 U.S. To Test Security Devices at PATH Station
2:39 Reappraising a Bridge and a Visionary

9:05-6 HOME OFFICE NYT Hey You Get Into My Cloud
9:08-15 For Short Stays, A Home Away from the Costly Hotel Furnished Quarters
9:16-17 Even at the End He Didn’t Get it
9:18-21 How Much is That Laptop? It Depends on the Color of the Case. And That’s Fair
9:21-26 The Not So Small Small Screen
9:28-9 Little Shift in Prices of Manhattan Apartments
10:07-11 Debating the Path of Cordtlandt Street
10:11-12 Queens: Two Die in Livery Car Crash Brooklyn: Woman Charged Over Building Plans
10:12-18 It’s an Auction Jim, But Not as We Know It
10:18-21 A Taliban Past and a Cloudy Yale Future
10:22-8 New York Fails at Finding Evidence to Help the Wrongfully Convicted
10:29-34 Feeling Boyish, in Shorts or a Suit
10:34-9 Elegantly Wrapped, in Search of Itself
10:39 11:57 Going to Lyon
12:04-7 Suddenly, Sand Bags and Potshots at Post 1
12:07-8 Avian Flu Tends to Kill Youths as in 1918 Wave, Study Finds
12:09-12 Last Stop Lhasa, Chinese Rail Line
12:13 Does this Goo Make You Groan
12:14 Sleater Kinney Bows Out
12:15 Dead Shark Not Aging Well
12:17 With a Coat of New Paint, Revealing the True Judd

July 11, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

11:25-27 LIVING ROOM WSJ The Next Frontier Paternity Leave
11:27-30 Getting a Raise From the Boss
11:47-50 Cashing In On Its Chips

11:51-6:21 Considering Rem Koolhaas and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture 177 pages

July 10, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

7:47- 9 HOME OFFICE WSJ Online Music
7:50-8:04 acquisition.com “Sugababes” “Gnarls Barkley”
8:04-6 After Delays Wireless Web Comes to Parks
8:09-11 greenmarketsnyc
8:11 The Battle for an Armory and Its Treasures

July 9, 2006

Sunday, July 9, 2006

7:56-9 Ally Told Bush Project Screcy Might Be Illegal
7:59- 8:06 At Colleges, Women are Leaving Men in the Dust
10:20-5 Cracking the Russia Code

July 8, 2006

Saturday, July 8, 2006

2:07-12 HOME OFFICE The Reflections of a Hustler, 10 Years Wiser Jay-Z
2:18 Man Kills Himself and 4 Children
2:21 Internet Calling Pressures Bells to Lower Rates
3:30 Fredric Jameson Postmodernism and Space
3:49-$:42 Spot Check: A Conversation between R. Koolhaas and Sarah Whiting
8:13-24 Identity Thief Finds Easy Money Hard to Resist
8:24-33 Long Sleep Over, He Helps Reveal Brain’s Mysteries
8:33-43 Former GI Held in Four Slayings and Rape in Iraq
8:43 www.news14charlotte.com Ex-Soldier Charged with Rape, Murder
849-50 Europe Drrawing Up Plans to Deal with Shoe Imports From Asia
9:34-7 Working on a Dream: Fine Wines in China
9:40-42 WSJ Large-Stock Managers Feel the Strain
9:45 VILLAGE VOICE Stuffy Schizo Matmos Uusitalo Herbert
9:48-50 NYT Tenant Badly Hurt in 3 Alarm Fire in Junk Filled Apartment
10 For $1, a Collective Mixing Art and Radical Politics Turns Itself into Its Own Landlord
10:01-6 On The Mississippi, A Vision Steeped in an Industrial Past Nouvel
10:11 Solving A Mystery of Life, Then Tackling a Real Life Problem A Conversation with Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
10:25 Prostate Cancer Decisions Often Based on Fallacies
10:31 Jump Start a Heart: The Simplified Approach
10:32-4 WSJ Streep Does a Stylish Turn as a Tyranical Editor but Prada is a Fashion Don’t
10:35-8 Bring Me a Box of Target’s Finest Chardonnay
10:38-53 Did You Hear the One About …The Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes
10:55-6 The Price is Right—Maybe
11:02 NYTBR Market Tested In Persuasion Nation
11:16-21 A Ringside Seat Reporting David Remnick
11:21- We Contain Multitudes Identity and Violence Amartya Sen

12:59-1:07 3 Held Overseas in Plan to Bomb Hudson Tunnels
1:07-15 General Faults Marine Response to Iraq Killings
1:30-3 Are there Enough Buyers to Go Around?
1:35 Luis Barragan, 34, Executive Who Updated 1-800-Mattress
1:41-3 Tail is Wagging the Internet Dog
1:44-5 Verizon Plans to Spin Off Yellow Pages Unit

July 7, 2006

Friday, July 7, 2006

12:10-16 HOME OFFICE NYT An Outcry Rises as Debt Collectors Play Tough
12:16-19 Origin Aside, Collyers’ Mansion is Code for Firefighter’s Nightmare

July 6, 2006

Thursday, July 6, 2006

12:02-5:42 HOME OFFICE Slavoj Zizek The Metastases of Enjoyment
6:28-30 WSJ Greenborder Traps Computer Bad Guys inside a Virtual Fence
6:30-2 You’ve Got Free Mail? AOL May Give Away service to Soe
6:35 Free, Legal and Ignored
6:36 UK Terrorists Terrorist to Be

July 5, 2006

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

9:45-9 LIVING ROOM NYT The Natural Dogs
9:49-50 No Stove, No Fuss and NO Pretentions Café Condesa 183 West 10th Street
9:54-9 At Germany’s Party, It’s Italy that Celebrates
10:14-15 A Southern Girl’s Dusty Diaries as a Window on the 70’s Miss American Pie
10:18-20 A Challenger Arises for King Sushi
10:20-8 The Internet Knows What You’ll Do Next
10:29-30 Ban on Wild Caviar is a Boon to California Sturgeon Farms

July 4, 2006

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

9:56-8 HOME OFFICE TIME OUT The Road to Guantanamo, Two Drifters
9:58-10:04 nytimes.com O Fantasma, In the World, Two Drifters

10:31-5 TIME OUT Magnificent ObsessionJoao Pedro Rodrigues mixes Sirk and skates in Two Drifters
10:40-2 nytimes.com The Marquis de Sade in a more Complex Guise
10:43-9 netflix.com “unhelpful” reviews

1:37-50 google.com “carol bove”
1:50-2:02 teamgallery.com “slater bradley” “banks violette” “carol bove”
2:02-6 zwirner.com “neo rauch”
2:27- 2 Sitcom Given Up For Dead Hits the Web. It’s Alive
2:31-41 nytimes.com If it all seems familiar there may be a reason
2:47-52 Two Views of Terror Suspects: Die_hards or Dupes
2:52-6 Detainees May Test Reach of Guantanamo Ruling
2:56-05 A Top Senate Repulbican is Uncertain on Legislation for Miltary Tribunals for Terror Suspects

6:04-9 A Blog Mogul Turns Bearish on Blogs
6:10-14 A Gray Market in Furniture Spawns a Feud in Europe
7:23-4 Exhortation from Gourment: Eat, Drink and Buy Appliances
7:25-6 A Magazine Interview or an Ad? Read the Fine Print
7:29-36 A Search Engine that’s Becoming an Inventor
7:41 Couple Found Murdered in Their Home, Police Say
7:42-8 Airfares Made Easy (Or Easier)
7:49-50 I Got Millions for Writing This Article
7:50-6 The 12 Watches a Year Solution

July 3, 2006

Monday, July 3, 2006

10:03-14 LIVING ROOM Rem Koolhaas Lecture to Students 6 pages

July 2, 2006

Sunday, July 2, 2006

7:30-9 PENNSWOOD VILLAGE Oliver Sacks The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat 8 pages
7:39-44 NYTMag Déjà vu Again and Again
7:44-48 Roberts is At Court’s Helm But He Isn’t in Control Yet

Ju.y 1, 2006

Saturday, July 1, 2006

11:27-9 LIVING ROOM GI’s Investigated in Slayings of 4 and Rape in Iraq
3:30-41PENNSWOOD VILLAGE NYTMag Déjà vu Again and Again
3:41 Questions for Peter Handke
3:42-4 Admitting Free Work on Apartment, Krik Pleads Guilty to Accepting Gift
3:44-5 After alll the Ups, A Lawman’s Life has Many Downs

June 30, 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006

10:20-9 DINING ROOM TABLE NYT Justices, 5-3, Broadly Reject Bush Plan to Try Detainees
10:29-30 A Victory of the Rule of Law
10:35-6 VA Laptop is Recovered, its Data Intact
10:36-9 Stunned Campus Mourns its Chief, an Apparent Suicide
10:39 Boy Dies After Ride at Disney World
10:40-3 Court’s Ruling is Likely to Force Negotians Over Presidential Power
10:59-11:01 For a Spot of Tea TheyOffered Ballons on a Cloudy Day
11:04-5 Steppoing Off a Plane, Man is Arrested in ’01 Queens Murder
11:06 On a Shaky Day Agassi Shows Steadiness
11:11-16 Sadistic, Manipulative and so Very Stylish The Devis Wears Prada
11:20-1 Here’s Your Mirrored Ball, What’s Your Hurry?Madonna MSG
11:23-5 A Motley Crew of Spirits Recruit a Boy to be Savior The Great Yokai War
11:27 Boredoms “as artwork, architecture, and principally for activiation” 77 DRUM
11:28 Two Spurned Architects Bite the Hand that Didn’t Feed Them

June 29, 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006

12:52-6 A Prodigal Goes Back to School Strangers with Candy
1:05-7 Daimler Hopes Americans Are Finally Ready fo the Minicar
1:12-15 Demand for Midtown Office Space Pushes Prices Up
1:17 With a Cellphone as My Guide
2:46-50 When the Bike Path Crosses the Drivers’ Path
2:50-3 That Co-Op Next Door? Bill May Give Its Sale Price
2:54-7 Despite Protests Rent Board Sets 7.25% Increase
2:55-6 Woman Killed in Cliff Plunge is Mourned
2:59-3 Man Who Raped 2 Women in 1996 is Sentences
3-3:01 Anna Castelli Ferrieri, 87, Force in Postwar Modern Italian Design
3:02-6 Flag Ammendment Narrowly Fails In Senate Vote
3:08-9 Bush Says Report On Bank Data Wqas Disgraceful
3:10-12 Breathaking Waste and Farud in Hurricane Aid
3:18-20 Colorado U. Chancellor Advises Firing Author of Sept 11 Essay
3:34-5 My Mother’s Wedding Dress
3:45-7 Lyle Stuart, Publisher of Renegade Titles, Dies at 83
3:57-8 Two New Services Try to Warn You About Sleazy Sites Scandoo Site Advisor
4:01-6 WSJ Memoir vs. Memoir

June 29, 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006

12:52-6 A Prodigal Goes Back to School Strangers with Candy
1:05-7 Daimler Hopes Americans Are Finally Ready fo the Minicar
1:12-15 Demand for Midtown Office Space Pushes Prices Up
1:17 With a Cellphone as My Guide
2:46-50 When the Bike Path Crosses the Drivers’ Path
2:50-3 That Co-Op Next Door? Bill May Give Its Sale Price
2:54-7 Despite Protests Rent Board Sets 7.25% Increase
2:55-6 Woman Killed in Cliff Plunge is Mourned
2:59-3 Man Who Raped 2 Women in 1996 is Sentences
3-3:01 Anna Castelli Ferrieri, 87, Force in Postwar Modern Italian Design
3:02-6 Flag Ammendment Narrowly Fails In Senate Vote
3:08-9 Bush Says Report On Bank Data Wqas Disgraceful
3:10-12 Breathaking Waste and Farud in Hurricane Aid
3:18-20 Colorado U. Chancellor Advises Firing Author of Sept 11 Essay
3:34-5 My Mother’s Wedding Dress
3:45-7 Lyle Stuart, Publisher of Renegade Titles, Dies at 83
3:57-8 Two New Services Try to Warn You About Sleazy Sites Scandoo Site Advisor
4:01-6 WSJ Memoir vs. Memoir

Saturday, July 08, 2006

June 28, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

11:23 HOME OFFICE 4 emails
11:23-54 Rem Koolhaas Seminar 15 pages

June 27, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1:30-5 HOME OFFICE WSJ How Helpful are Consumer Elctronics Help Lines?
1:37 NYTBR Zoo Story Kicked Bitten and Scratched
1:37-9 Inaction Heros Doing Nothing Tom Lutz
1:39 Mercedes-Benz: From Letters to Hrabal
1:41-3 The Video Game Goes Minimalist
1:43-50 The Skyline For Sale
1:56-7 Adverturers Change. Danger Does Not
1:58 thewashingtontimes.com everest climber left to die
1:57-2:02 USAtoday.com Everest Climber Says He did not know of dying climber
2:04-5 wtopnews.com Hilary Rips Climbers who Left Dying Man
2:05-8 http://talk.ocregister.com/showthread.php?t=20116 David Sharpe

June 26, 2006

Monday, June 26, 2006

11:25-7 LIVING ROOM WSJ Warren Buffett Gives $30 Billion to Gates Foundation
11:27-30 Microsoft Wants Your Office Telephone
11:30-3 Managing
11:35-7 JetBlue’s Story Has a Familiar Ring
11:37 Bloggers Find Financial Support for the Sites
11:52-3 Some Rights Reserved: Advancing Flexible Copyrights

5:52-5 HOME OFFICE NYMag Amy Sedaris Gets Up In Your Grill
5:55-6 The Prolific Wackiness of Parker Posey

June 25, 2006

Sunday, June 25, 2006

5:55-59 LIVING ROOM NYT Women Have Seen It All on Subway, Unwillingly

9:39-47 DINING ROOM That Melon Tenderloin Looks Awfully Familiar
9:48-50 LR WSJ Baseball Confronts the Luck Factor
9:50-55 A Psychotropical Paradise Artificial Happiness Ronald Dworkin
9:56-10:03 As Worker’s Pensions Wither, Those for Executives Flourish
10:07-8 More Marketers Place Web Ads By Time of Day
10:08-11 Takin off The Ritz—A Tad
10:11-14 Nike Takes Chuck Taylors From AntiFashion to Fashionista
10:15-25 What You Can Catch from the Waves
10:29 Big Deal Will She Keep Starck’s Interior?
10:25 Charging Ahead: Gadget Furniture
10:31-2 A Federal Style Gem that Outshines Gracie Mansion
10:35-40 British Filmaker’s Death in Gaza Continues to Resound
10:40-3 Human to Human Infection by Bird Flu Virus is Confirmed

10:47-9 NYT A Strange Loss of Face, More than Embarrasing

june 24, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

11:55-7 Dartmouth Alumni Battles Become Spectator Sport
12:47-8 Pataki and Lawmkers Near Agreement on Tax Break
12:49-51 Details of Drinking and Sex Emerge at Court-Martial of Cadet
12:59 -1:12 Video of Ill Fated Uzbek Rising Offers Haunting Complex View
1:02-5 carnegieendowment.org The Andijian Uprising
1:13-15 8 US Servicemen Charged In Death of an Iraqui Civilian
1:16- 21Young People’s Web Postings Worry Summer Camp Directors
1:22-4 9/11 Memorial Version 2.0
2:37-42 Lord & Taylor to remain on 5th Ave
2:43-5 The Not So Good Earth
2:49-52 For Dealer, Stolen Maps Point Way to Prison
2:54-6 Witness Says Cadet Mader her Have Sex to Keep a Secret
2:58-9 Laswuit by Ground Zero Workers Tests City’s Claim of Immunity
3-04 The Surprise in this Box? A Highway, Some Assembly Required
3:04-8 What Goes Down Drain Eventually Bobs Up Here
3:10 A Move to ban Aluminum Bats in New Jersey
3:12-16 Horror Stories from a Hot Kitchen “he loses himself, and the reader”
3:16 A man Child Who Has His World Under Control Click
3:17 The Hidden Blade
3:18 The Great New Wonderful
3:32-3 Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania

June 23, 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

2:34-48 Ngai Ugly Feelings 23 pages

June 22, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

9:51-6 HOME OFFICE NYT News Media Pay in Scientist Suit
9:59- MySpace No Longer Their Space?
10:17-18 Simple Math for US: Victory is Only Option
11:05-10 The Ground Zero Memorial, Revised but Not Improved
11:10-12 Humble Celebrity and Eager Interviewer
11:17-21 Dress, Drive and Putt
11:24-5 Do you Really Need and $800 Custom Insole
11:25-35 Where a Comedian Does Her Serious Entertaining
11:39-40 The Effect of Moving 9/11 Names to Street Level
11:43-5 Pastor Says man Discounted Wife’s Talk of Suicide Beofre Bridge Plunge

June 21, 2006

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

9:32-7 LIVING ROOM NYT Justices Divided on Protections Over Wetlands
10:19-21 US Says 2 Bodies Retrieved in Iraq were Brutalized
10:21-3 On Iraq, Kerry Again Leaves Democrats Fuming
10:24-6 Back to Earth After Taking Fall from Genghis’ Family Tree
10:27-9 Former White House Budget Aide is Convicted of Lying about his Ties to Lobbyist
10:30-2 A Legacy of the Storn: Depression and Suicide
10:34-6 Rekindling Idea Genes in a Cold Corporate Body
10:37-9 But Will it Play in Manhattan?
10:43-5 Condos Not Garretts in West Chelsea

11:52 HOME OFFICE NYT Perfect Vision, via Surgery is Helping and Hurting Navy

1:45-2:10 LIVING ROOM Plan to Move Madison Sq Garden Augurs Bold Change for Midtown
2:55-3:08 Murder Charges for 3 GI’s in Iraq
3:08-10 Pigeons May Coo but they Aren;’t Cute, the Mayor Says
3:17 Per Amboy: Woman Who Jumped from Bridge Dies
3:25-32 Breast-Feed Or Else Letters

5:13-15 Corzine Gives In on Part of Tax Plan in Trade-Off for his Embattled Budget
5:55-9 A Sushi Pioneer Gets a Slinkly Little Sister
5:59-6 It Feels like a Speakeast but Sake’s at the Bar Sakagura 211 E 43rd street
6:05-11 New Look a Memorial Lowers Cost
6:17-19 Stabbing Victim Leaves Hospital, Filled with Forgiveness
6:20-5 Sister of Man Whose Wife Died in Minivan Plunge Says Police Twisted Words
6:25 A Graduat4ee So happy He Hugged the Speaker6:25-30 A Wild Ride (digitally) To the Rescue of a Sidekick

9:53-5 HOME OFFICE Finding New Passion After the Pain of Infidelity

Friday, July 07, 2006

June 20, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

9:30-2 LIVING ROOM NYT Mickelson’s Gamble Pays Off for Ogilvy
9:35-7 Critics Choices Nelly Furtado Loose
9:37-9 In Topsy Turby City, Settling Down on Shaky Ground
10:50 NY Mag Luau in Tutus
10:52 Party Lines What was you worst experience waiting tables?
10:50-11:10 Last Seen on September 10
11:10-25 The Urban Etiquette Handbook
11:28-36 What Went Wrong at Astor Place
11:36-7 Market Research: Outdoor Space
11:37-9 Hamptoms Holdouts
11:40 The Tool to Control Avocados
11:40 Bottle Service: A Brief History
11:41-12:32 Sianne Ngai Ugly Feelings 27 pages

1:05-7 HOME OFFICE Men are Better than Women at Ferring Out That Angry Face in a Crowd
1:10-12 Breast Feed or Else
1:12-14 A Hidden Peril Lies in that Warm Moist Air
1:17-9 Murtha, a War Critic, Assails Rove over Speech
1:19 Airline Engine Breaks Apart, Defying Federal Repair Effort
1:21-3 Falsely Accused of Murder at Age 7, a 15 year Old is Back in Court on New Charges
1:24-5 Library Phone Answerers Survive the Internet
1:33 A Flash Drive that Holds Your Computer
1:35 Camera. Action. Edit. Now, Await Reviews.
1:36-7 Closed by Order of the Cook
1:40-5 Weddings/Celebrations
1:45-50 WSJ The Apprenticeship of a Pot Boiler
2:05-7 Hadid A Diva for the Digital Age
2:10-11 Herr Bruno is Having a Picnic, But He’s No Teddy Bear
2:15-17 For Smart Bombs, Smarter Intelligence
2:17-18 A Fence with More Beauty Fewer Barbs
2:21 Cereal in the Bowl Not on the Floor
2:24 A Mosquito Magnet Looks for Relief
2:56 Zen and the Art of Classified Selling
2:57 How Britain Beat Houliganism
3:01-2 Bill Gates on the Competition
3:03-5 New Music to Your Ears
3:11- 16 Jean Attali The Roman System, or the Generic in all Times and Tenses
3:33-39 Friedrich Kittler What’s New about New Media?
3:40-45A Common Parasite’s Strongest Asset: Its Stealth
4:30-35 Rem Koolhaas The Generic City SMLXL 10 pages

June 19, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006

5:54-5 For A Medical Student, A Shocking Lesson in the Real World

7:33-43 SUBWAY Marry This Year: In China, All Signs Point to Wedded Bliss
7:48-9 Small Stocks Bear Brunt of Fall

June 18, 2006

Sunday, June 18, 2006

LIVING ROOM NYT Mag 1:55-2 Daddy’s Forgotten Girl
2-03 Much Macho Questions for Jack Black
2:03-6 Logoloco
2:10-13 Heart Ache

June 17, 2006

Saturday, June 17, 2006

12:10-25:10 DINING ROOM NYT The First Gallerist’s Club
12:32-6 NYTBR Son and Survivor The Afterlife Donald Antrim
12:36 Paul Zweig
1:1-12 Husband Aided Wife’s Suicide in Cliff Plunge, Police Say
1:12- 15Growing Wikipedia Revises Its Anyone Can Edit Policy
1:15-20 GE’s Bland Appliances Grow Sexier and Pricier
1:20-3 Now, Free Ways to Do Desktop Work on the Web

6:27-37 Contradictions Cloud Inquiry into the Deaths of 24 Iraquis at Haditha
6:37-40 Pentagon Study Describes Abuse by Special Units
6:40-2 Inquiry into Reporter’s Finds Multiple Failures in Care
6:44 That Wild Streatk Maybe it Runs in the Family

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

June 16, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006

9:54-9 HOME OFFICE WSJ To find a mate, raid a dungeon or speak like an elf
10:34-5 Dial M For Meerkats
10:37-8 The Trip of a Lifetime
10:40-8 Wild Kingdom: Where Real and Faux Nature Clash
10:51- How to Shop for Flat Panel TVs
10:55 Art 2.0 Paintings get the Myspace treatment at online gallery
11:07 A Soaring Achievement
11::07-8 Cognac and its Cognoscenti

12:07-10 LIVING ROOM WSJ If Your Shirt is Made of Corn Fiber, Forget abgut using an Iron
12:19-24 In Poverty Tactics, An Old Debate: Who is at Fault
12:25-8 Doctors Question Therapies for Sqagging Skin
12:28-32 Students Face Flood of Refinancing Offers
12:37 Ambulances Find Overwhelmed Ers at Breaking Point
12:38-48 Rem Koolhaas Colors 45 pages
12:47-9 Before He Moves in, The Village Voice Editor Moves On
12:49 Girl and Stepfather are Found Dead in a Suspected Murder-Suicide
12:51 Cruise Ship Goes North, Not South, and Passengers Sue

1:42-4:44 Jean Cocteau Opium 43 pages

11:10-11 NYT The Good Life Afloat
11:13-17 A June 16 in the City: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
11:18-19 Her Boyfriend is so 2004: Can Love Conquer That
11:24-32 Use of Air Masks at Issue in Claims of 9/11 Illness
11:33-8 In Gilded Age of Home Schooling, Students Have Private Teachers

June 15, 2006

Thursday, June 15, 2006

10:18-20 LIVING ROOM NYT Broad Economic Worries Drive a Global Sell Off
10:20-2 Downturn? What Downturn? Lehman Profit is UP 47%
10:30-32 David (Car) Has Better Chance against Goliath (SUV)
10:42-5 Not So Accessible
10:46-51 Gygory Ligeti, Central European Composer of Bleakness and Humor, Dies at 83

4:06-10 HOME OFFICE Stranger Stabs a Texas Tourist on the Subway
4:10-11 No Rove Charges over Testimony in CIA Leak Case
4:11- 17 Hiding in Plain Sight, Google Seeks an Expansion of Power
4:21 Reno Suspect Is Also Sought in the Killing of his Wife
4:21 LI Keeper of Birds is Accused of Going After Neighbors’ Cats
4:25-6 Fishing Boat Capsizes in Rockaway Inlet; Three of the Four Aboard are Rescued
4:26-8 Hospital’s Garden of Sobriety May Soon Sprout Rows of Cars
4:32-3 A Champagne True to Its Roots
4:34- 51 Look Who’s Behind the Counter Now
4:55-03 Product Placement Deals Make Leap From Film to Books
5:21-4 Is Barefoot Better? Some Athletes Say Running Shoeless Benefits Body and Soul
5:24-5 This War Against Germas Has a Silver Lining

9:47-10:01 Paul Ormerod Why Most Things Fail 32 pages
10:39-41 WSJ Kroger Fights Goliath, and Investors Freeze
10:41-2 Interest Rate Fears Drive World Wide Slide
10:43-5 The Wireless Factor: A Challenge to the Ipod
11:06-9 A Road Map to Smart Money More Than You Know Michael J. Bauboussin
11:10-11 US To Review Proposals to Shield Commercial Planes From Missiles
11:12-15 In Texas, Some Pine For Ornery Varrmints Driven Underground
11:17-21 Mixing Diet Coke and Mentos Makes a Gusher of Publicity
11:21 googlevideo.com “mentos and diet coke”
11:27-8 A Little Known Tuition Tax Break
11:34-6 The World’s Most Interesting Article

Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 14, 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

7:15-23 LIVING ROOM WSJ To Make A Point, an Army Officer Helps Iraqi Convict
8:25-7 WSJ The Best Car to Buy for Your Teen

June 13, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

11:05-10 LIVING ROOM Buddhism with a New Mind-Set
11:24 Art Workshop Lesson: Make Mistakes
11:34-8 Homeless Man Goes on Trial in Hate-Crime Murder
11:45-7 Swaying, and Marching, to a Latin Beat
11:47-53 Frail and Ill, but Still Focussed on Global Health
11:56-7 Flora Gill Jacobs, 87, Dies; Opened Dollhouse Museum
12-12:06 For Lincoln Center’s Plaza, A Gracious Entry Point
12:06-9 On your Mark, Get Set, Create Something Arty
12:10-15 On Reality Meny: Bathos (Lightly Basted with Malice)
12:15-16 Sorrows Soothed with Happy Horns Cat Power Town Hall
12:04 Critics Choices New CD’s Regina Spektor Begin to Hope
12:05-16 Scratch a Workaholic, You’ll Find a Couch Potato
12:20-25 Pak Wins in Playoff; Wie Ties for Fifth
12:25-8 Two Streaks Enter French Final, but Only Nadal Leaves Intact

2:05-8 lulu.com Dots and Quotes Mega Life in the Midwest
3:05-9 NYTBR Inaction Heros Tom Lutz Doing Nothing
3:14-20 nytimes.com Tom Lutz “doing nothing”

6:06-8 Who’s Your Great Great Great Great Granddaddy?
6:08-10 tetondam.org
6:10-11 Lessons from Canada: Snooping Works

June 12, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

8:10-12 LIVING ROOM NYTBR Cool Britannia Junk Mail by Will Self
8:14-18 Clones Behaving Badly The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houlbecq
8:22-26 High Maintenance Sheetrock and Shellace by David Owen

10:24-5 DINING ROOM NYT A Ring Tone Meant to Fall on Deaf Ears
10:25-32 Prisoner’s Ruse is Inquiry Focus at Guantanamo

June 11, 2006

Sunday, June 11, 2006

11:20 LIVING ROOM NYT vows
11:21 Strung out on Love and Checked in for Treatment

3:15-18 SUBWAY Was Earning that Harvard MBA Worth It?
8:22-5 Libraries of Gracious Reading, for Members Only
8:25-9 Trading Places, and Saving a Bundle on Vacations
8:31-3 The Scent of a Co-Worker
8:35-9 After Long Hunt, US Bombs Kill Al Queda Leader in Iraq
8:40-1 Leading the Pack at 2AM
8:41-8 How Surveillance And Betrayal Led to a Hunt’s End
8:48-51 Zarqawi is Dead, but Weary Irquis Fear the Violence won’t Subside
8:51-4 Hollywood Stars Shine Down on Protest to Preserve an Urban Farm
8:55-6 Defiant to the End, DelayPats Himself on the Back and Bids the House a Torrid Goodbye
8:57-8 Going Onece, Going Twice: 84 Boxes of Mystery Props
9:01-2 Regeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow
9:03-4 Metropictures.com “louise lawler”
9:05-6 A job downtown for a banker with a broken heart
9:14-18 Suspect Fooled us, a Victim’s Sister Says
9:19-20 Operation Saves Mother, but a 330 Pound Baby is Stillborn
9:21-3I Saw a Deadhead Sticker on a Bentley
9:26-7 Mississippi Charm, with a New York Twist
9:28-9 A Beloved Wife Lives on in Memory, Through Roses
9:30-5 Taliban Surges as US Shifts Some Tasks to NATO
9:35-39 Three Prisoners Commit Suicide at Guantanamo
9:40 funnyjunk.com “my dog named sex”
9:41-9 Commutes of 1000 miles Grow a Bit Longer in Airline Industry
9:45 teachforamerica.org
9:49- 55 When a Risque Online Perona Undermines A Chance for A job
9:57-10:02 At the Site of Bombing attack on Sarqawi, All that is Left are Questions
10:05 In Texas Town, Patients and Providers Find New Prescirption Durg Plan Baffling
10:07-8 Clan Calls Death of Martyr a Blessing
10:09-12 In Test Program, Whole Foods Becomes a Lobster’s New Best Friend
10:25 WSJ In Echo of Murder, two $1 Million Gifts Stir School Protests
10:35 Police Ask: Got Milk Crates?

June 10, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

2:21 HOME OFFICE 3 emails

June 9,. 2006

Friday, June 9, 2006

10;43-7 Narrow Victory by GOP Signals Fall Problems
10:47-51 HOME OFFICE NYT A Sea of Sand is Threatening China’s Heart
10:53 WSJ Inherit the Windfall: How to Retire on the Money Your Parent’s Leave Behind
10:54-5 A Dermatologist’s Skin Care
10:55-11:09 forums.macrumors.com “can I print history in safari”
11:09-11 Vespa’s Builder Scoots Back to Profitability
11:11-14 Colleges want for rah, Rah from Magazines

5:32-6 GOP Fails in Attempt to Repeal Estate Tax
5:36-8 What Happens when Inflation is Overstated?

June 8, 2006

Thursday, June 8, 2006

HOME OFFICE NYT.com al-Zarqui Killed

3:37-56 ARTFORUM “Terry Eagleton reviews Zizek’s The Parallax View”
3:57-4:07 A 10 year Awakening from an Urban Nightmare
4:07-10 DNA Samples Link 4 Murders in Connecticut
4:10-13 Epithet has Many Meannings A Harvard Professor Testifies
4:15 Grandparents Hled in Death of Baby Boy
4:15-16 Rooms Streaked with Sunshine Even if it’s a cloudy Day

victoriassecret.com “yoga pants” “very sexy” “online Sale” “bras”
feature.com “artists” “lucky debelvue” “isabela kirkland” “jason “ben snead” “lisa beck” “howard johnson” “michael baniki” “wurtz”
overstock.com blobjects
half.com calvino zizek
amazon.com calvino
overstock.com calvino
nytimes.com “kwajelein atoll” a “missile defense” “cells that read minds”
wikipedia.com “anne treisman” “calm computing” “mark weiser” “severe tire damage” “ubiquitous computing” “butor” “nouveau roman” “cortazar” “hopscotch”
University of Alberta.com “hopscotch”
/ttt.media.mit.edu/ “things that think”
google.com “steppenwolf RIP” “Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds”
heavy.com “because we all know t.v. sucks” “mating ritual” “Paris Sings” “Behind the Music that Sucks: Lindsay Lohan” “the gamekillers”

WSJ Slowdown Causes Condo Conversion
MacBook Laptop Lacks A Few Features but Has Lots to Like, Low Price
Changing the Light Bulb

ebay.com Thomas Germany eames child’s chair arabia Finland sarpaneva iittala wirkalla cocso childs’ chair
halstead.com “property for sale”
WSJ A Six Minute Tirade on a Hong Kong Bus Rides into the Vernacular
water shaving showerheads

June 7, 2006

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

6:20-7 SUBWAY NYT Wie Wows Gallery but Misses Chance at Open

June 6, 2006

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

10:12-21 Tale of 5 Muslims: Out of Guantanamo and Into Limbo

10:40 HOME OFFICE NYTBR Oracle Bones by Peter Hessler Letter from China
11:12 WSJ A Question of Value Zippo Case Sparks Clash: Does China’s Low Valuation of Fake Goods Coddle Counterfeiters?
11:13-16 Estimates of Copyright Piracy Losses Vary WIdely
11:18-19 A Russian Master of the Whodunnit
11:23-1:53 wikipedia.com Richard Dawkins, meme, Susan Blackmore, copyleft, open source vs. free software, derived works, open source software, collaborative fiction, mythadventures, tagged, theory of mind,
4:26-5:08 passim Daniel Dennet Consciousness Explained “The Third Evolutionary Process: Memes and Cultural Evolution” 26 pages
5:24-9 guardian.co.uk Can You Trust Wikipedia?

June 5, 2006

Monday, June 5, 2006

8:25 LIVING ROOM Art in America The Biennial
8:52-8 HOME OFFICE NYT Digital Publishing is Scrambling the Industry’s Roles
9:05-8 Washington Journalist to Edit the Voice
9:10-12 Technology and Easy Credit Give Identity Thieves an Edge
9:14-7 War in Iraq Becomes the Deadliest Assignment for Journalists in Modern Times
9:18-21 WSJ Slumping Nine West Tries on Designer Shoes
9:22-6 Codes on Sites ‘Captcha’ Anger of Web Users
10:05- 7 “ “
10:25-9 Fake Towns Rise, Offering Urban Life without the Grit
10:30-11: 21 Hacker’s X-Box Game: Defeating Microsoft by Decoding Console
11:29 Sun Protection in a Pill

June 4, 2006

Sunday, June 4, 2006

1:46-7 HOME OFFICE Seeing Red and Loving It

8:48 Sarah Sze: Corner Plot
8:58 British Lecturers Protest Over Pay
9:01 Drug for Bone is Linked to Jaw Disease
9:03 Iraqui Accuses US of Daily Attacks Against Civlians
9:12 NASD Ends Case Against Quattrone
9:13-14 Asian Cars Won 40% of Market Last Month
9:14-17 Victim Recounts a Night of Beating and Racial Taunts
9:18-19 Martha Steward Paid $81,000; Now it’s $9 Million
9:20 3 Men are Charged in Murder of Financial Analyst
9:21-3 The New Chief Cook and Bottle Washer in Beard’s House
9:24 She and Her Graduation Robe Had to Come a Long Way

10:26-8 Widowers are eager for a Second Whirl
10:29-30 Seeking Reasons in Aftermath of a Crash That Took 4 Lives
10:31 Steve Mizerak, 61; Added Pop-Culture Celebrity to Billiards
10:57 http://www.ubiq.com/hypertext/weiser/calmtech/calmtech.htm Designing Calm Technology, Mark Weiser, John Seeley Brown
11:02-42 ambientdevices.com

June 3, 2006

Saturday, June 3, 2006

11:45-7 LIVNG ROOM NYT Questions for Lorraine Bracco
1:11-13 My Other Car is a Millionaire
1:42-3 HOME OFFICE Marie Antoinette’s Devotees, Including Bakers, Celebrate
1:47 ask.com
1:49-2:08 galatearessurection2.com Timothy Yu Reviews Asian American Poetry: The Next Generation
2:12 swoonrocket.com Bill Luomo comment/poem
2:15 ronsillimansblogspot.com Monday May 29, 2006
2:17-22 openreader.blogspot.com May 16, 2006 Pamela Lu
2:24 antimega.textdriven.com/antimega/2006/03/26/smart-goods-the-story-so-far “ambient devices”
2:41-2 nabaztag.com “Rabbit”
2:47 http://www.itu.int/osg/spu/publications/internetofthings/
2:52-3:34 “smart goods- the story so far”
3:35 http://nabaztools.sourceforge.net/nabazclapier-en.html “geek software” in “alpha” stage i.e. hack “rabbit”
3:43 abclocal.go.com 4 Men Questioned in Chelsea Beating Death

June 2, 2006

Friday, June 2, 2006

12:21 HOME OFFICE 5 emails

June 1, 2006

Thursday, June 1, 2006

12:03-5 CENTURY 21 Free Love, Hate and an Ambush at A Commune on Staten Island
12:07 A Jump in Shootings in a Hartford District
12:07-8 A Tower on Times Square Gets New Radio Equipment to Help Emergence Workers

1:12-15 PATH Don’t Hit on Me Mr. Goodbody
1:16-17 I Am So Excited About Crinkle Cotton
1:18 Renting Movies with a Box and a Beam

1:32-5 BUS Saks Fifth Ave Take a Step Back in Search of Its Future
1:39-40 In Paris Suburbs, Worrying Attacks by Youths
1:42- Clinton Opens Campaign with Salvos at White House
1:45 WSJ New Tools For Searching Blogs
1:47-8 BUS Boy, 16, Gets Mercedes, and Woman, 49, Faces Sex Charges
1:48-51 Neither Fedreral Officer Nor Gentleman, Women Say
1:54 Small Plane Breaks Apart Midflight, Killing Four

6:42-5 PATH TRAIN Copycats, or Inspired by Nature? Glass Artists Face Off in Court

May 31, 2006

Wednedsay, May 31, 2006

9:05-7 Fan’s Therapy: Today and Yesterdays
9:10-12 Panhandle Forecast: Hot, Noirish, at First, Sweeter Later
9:19-22 Friend Says Defendant Used Epithet in Bar Attack
9:25-7 Police Seek to Identify 3 Men Recorded in the Act of Using a Muerder Victim’s Credit Cards
9:31-4 WSJ Airlines Curb Bereavement Fares
9:35-7 A Public Garden of Delights on the Hudson
9:39-40 The Coming Rush out of Hedge Funds. Don’t Hold Your Breath

May 30, 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

12:27-30 LIVING ROOM NYT A State Challernger WORks to Shorten His Long Oddds
12:30 Driver in Crash that Killed 5 Was Feeling Ex-Boyfriend, Police Say
12:31 Woman’s Body Found in River in Jew Jersey
12:32-7 The Greener Guys
12:38-42 Poisonous Tree Frog Would Bring Welath to Trive in Brazilian Amazon
12:45 Bacterial Evolution in the Yogurt Ecosystem
12:47 A More Poisonous Poison Ivy
12:54-5 A Little Sting can Become a Debilitating Injury
12:55-7 What’s in the Name? Researchers Suggest it’s Money
12:58 A Case in Point fo the Maxim Do No Harm
1-1:02 Rise in Rate of Twin Births May Be Tied to Dairy Case
1:02-6 Age is No Barrier to Lifting Depression’s Heavy Veil
1:12-13 NYTBR To Taste Everything Two For the Road
1:13-20 Will Work for Food Heat
1:25-45 Save These Books. Symposium.
1:45-7 Tales from the Trenches The Nasty Bits
2:07-9 NYTMag Can Bloggers Get Real?
2:20-5 The Ethicist Death Pays Off
2:24 Corps Issues
2:25-7 Vocabustretch
2:27-9 Free Advertising

3:19 HOME OFFICE Cataloging the 9/11 Archive
3:21 www.911archive.net
3:22-35 www.911archive.net/Google
3:38-9 American Living Abroad Get a Nasty Tax Surprse
3:50-2 Studios Turn Thumbs Down on Film Critics
3:53-6 Reality TV, Ripening in the Heat of Summer
3:57-8 Pays Bills with a Click? More Americans are Doing it and Banks are Loving It
3:59-4:02 Software to Look for Experts Among Your Friends

4:29-38 Unto the City The Wildlife Did Journey
4:33-5 That was No Wraith, That Was My Wife
6:33 timearchive.com Super Mario

8:23-27 Opening That Wallet for a Bicycle Built for You
8:34-36 Developers Try to Sway City on Complex at Garden Site
8:36-9 Greenwich Developer Leaves Most of His Estate to Widow
8:47 WSJ Got $50 Bucks? Fly To Fiji
8:53-5 NYT Maybe Brain Surgeons aren’t as Smart as You Thought
8:56-9 Military Expected to Report Marines Killed Iraqui Civilians

May 29, 2006

Monday, May 29, 2006

3:50-55 SUBWAY Iraquis Accounts Link Marines to the Mass Killings of Civilians
3:56-7 6:39-42 Looters of Hussein’s Bunker and Palace Threaten Iraq’s Heirtage, Lawmaker Warns
6:46-50 On Your Marks, Get Set, Poeticize: 15 Minutes , a Computer, and Thou, O Muse

12:02-3 HOME OFFICE whitecolumns.org “Harrell Fletcher The American War”

May 28, 2006

Sunday, May 28, 2006

3:35-6 HOME OFFICE snopes.com Pain in the Glass. Ground Glass is a Deadly Poison.

May 27, 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2006

9:18-24 BURGERS & CUPCAKES Turning Cramped into Classy on an Even Tighter Budget

7:22-7 HOME OFFICE Filmthreat.com Kung Fu Hustle
7:27-9 NYT.com Fists Fly and Feet Spin in a Place Called Pig Sty
7:29-31 The Unreal Road from Toontown to Sin City

11:01-4 LIVING ROOM Mehta Fiction 1 page

May 23, 2006

Friday, May 26, 2006

3:23-5 HOME OFFICE Brian’s Belly.com Blue Velvet Pabst Blue Ribbon

May 25, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

9:38-42 HOME OFFICE NYT Charge of Negligent Homicide For Boy, 8, in School Bus Death
9:42-3 Luster of 7 World Trade Center has Tattered Reminder of 9/11
9:45 Lost Star Heads for Jail
9:46-7 Is It just Lost Facial Hair? Or a Conspiracy?
9:49-50 Don’t Like the Ambienece? Switch Floors? Sascha
9:51-8 Scientist at Work Thomas McGlashan A Career that has Mirrored Psychiatry’s Twisting Path
10:05 WSJ Charles Gibson is Named Anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight
10:07 Indisustrials Slip As Early Run-Up Loses Legs Late
10:08-9 When Nike Met Ipod
10:09-10 The Bar Code Gets a Hip new Life
10:20 Live from the Quad, Student TV on the web
10:23 mtvu.com “fresh produce”
10:24-27 youtube.com “m16” “hey”
10:28-32 Folk Label Hits Web with Beats, Croaks, Wails
10:33 Bear Ponders How Far Stocks Might Pull Back
10:34 Prospecting for Hidden Gems
10:40 New Domain Name .mobi coud spur Wireless Web
10:43 Pay Grade Banking on Long Hours 185k for Investment Banker
10:47-8 Five Best These Books on English are word-perfect, says British Language maven David Crystal

11:39 NYT Mag Faux Logo Blackspot Shoes “cynicism is the new optimism”

4:20-51 La Femme: Could a 52 Year-Old Mother of Four be the Next President of France
6-6:05 The Village Voice Literary Supplement Installation Art Not Necessarily the News: Rebooting the serial novel
6:05-9 After Nature The World’s Most Dangerous Architect Has His Say
6:09 Mehta Fiction 1 page

May 24, 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

9:05-8 LIVING ROOM NYT In House Races, More GOP Seats Look Vulnerable
9:15-30 Misjudgments Marred US Plans for Iraqi Police
9:30-5 Rough Summer is On the Way for Air Travel
9:36 Ten CEO’s Call for this CEO to be Canned
9:44-5 With $4 Billion, Columbia Raises the Fund-Drive Ante
9:45 Despite Pledge, Taxes Increase for Teenagers
9:52-4 We Care. But Why do We Care so Much?

2:20-30 SUBWAY FBI Raid Divides GOP Lawmakers and White house
2:30 In Shadows, Armed Groups Propel Iraq Toward Chaos

8:08-10 HOME OFFICE A Now-Common Attack and a Family Loses its Men
8:13- 14 That After Dinner Speech Remains a Favorite Dish
8:16-17 Google Moves to Sell Space for Video Spots on Network of Web Sites
8:22-3 Ex-Officer Accused In Killing Had Arsenal
8:25-9 Stories in Heavy Brogue, Varnished with Obscenity
8:31-5 The Empire Built by ‘Idol’
8:36-7 Nigerian Monkeys Drop Hints on Language Origin
8:38-41 Insects: Beware of Clothing That Bites Back

11:40-1 Bird Flu Case May be First Double Jump
11:58- 9 Two Women are Tied to Death of Homeless Men

May 23, 2006

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

12:13-15 LIVING ROOM NYT A Subway Nightmare Will Be the Focus of Yet a Third Trial
12:20-1 Finding Hate in a Whack on the Head
12:24-5 $44 Million Ferry Terminal is to Open n Weehawken Today

May 22, 2006

Monday, May 22, 2006

8:45-7 LIVING ROOM NYT No View, No Garden, Just a Wall
10:09-13 City Workers’ 9/11 Cliams Meet Obstacles
10:14-15 Bronx Restaurant Owner Dies After a Dousing of Lye
10:18 NY’s Disaster Preparedness Falls Short, Study Finds
10:19 Gilbert Sorrentino, 77, Novelist and Professor
10:23-5 If You’ve Got a Pulse, You’re Sick
10:24-5 The All American Pedestal Complex
11:02 Boite Cocktails and Chlorine The Hotel QT
11:03-4 Weddings/Celebrations
11:04-7 State of the Unions Ayun Halliday and Greg Kotis
11:11 After Century, Room and Board in City Still Sting
11:15 Admissions Officials Lament Practice of Signing on with More than One College
11:20 Graduates Boo McCain and His Host, Kerrey

Monday, May 22, 2006

May 21, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006

2:06 SUBWAY NYT Mag The Architect, His Client, Her Husband and a House Named Turbulence

8:34- 38 HOME OFFICE NYT Where Jane Goes Without Tarzan
10:06-8 Rage is Afoot in New York, Or Should Be
10:09-11 A Hit and Run Accident Kills Two Children in New Jersey
10:12-14 No Sign Yet of Hoffa’s BodyBut FBI Cites Credible Tip
10:19 Sentate Passes a Bill that Favors English
10:31 And if It’s a Boy, will it Be Lleh?
10:34 Colleges Chase as Cheats Shift to High Tech
10:38 WSJ A New Tax Trick for your IRA
10:42-3 Their Income Up, US Rich Yield A Tax Windfall
10:43 O, Give Me A Home Where Prairie Dogs Roam, in Boulder

May 20, 2006

Saturday, May 20, 2006

3:45-7 HOME OFFICE 4 emails
3:47 LIVING ROOM NYTBR What is the best work of American Ficiton of the last 25 years

8:45-47 N SUBWAY Bklyn Bound Never Mind the Clip-On Ties, Geek Squad Can Fix Your PC

May 19, 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006

2:21-4:57 HOME OFFICE NYT Mag What Will Happen to Books
4:57-9 Apple, a Success at Stores, Bets Big on Fifth Ave
5:01-04 CIA Choice Says He’s Independent of the Pentagon

7:55-6 SUBWAY 2nd Field Season Fails to Find the Ivoy Billed Woodpecker
7:56-8 Youth Who Killed at 12 Gets 30 Years for Violating Probation

May 18, 2006

Thursday, May 18, 2006

9:46-52 LIVING ROOM NYT Light as Air
10:13-15 NYT Mag The Great American Smoke Out
1:11-19 HOME OFFICE WSJ When is a Baby Too Fat

1:19-22 NYT The Fever for Exotic Stocks
1:27-31 Yahooanswers.com “Does anyone have any experience with Lending Tree in nyc?”
1:31-2 Tolerance for a Racial Slur is a Test for Potential Jurors

2:37-9 Village Voice Books Matrix Reloaded The Totality for Kids
3-06 Art Leviatian Drawing Restraint 9

May 17, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

9:06 SUBWAY NYT Beyond I’m a Diabetic, Little Common Ground
9:06-7 Skiing Beyond Safety’s Edge Once Too Often
9:20-32 SUBWAY NY Mag The 9/11 Memorial Fiasco
10:20-42 SUBWAY NY Mag The 9/11 Memorial Fiasco

3:20-4 NY WATERWAY WSJ Historians and Fans are aracing to Catalog Homes Sold by Sears
3:25-9 How the Internet is affecting what—and how—we watch
3:37 Out the Window Are Linux operating systems as easy as promised? We test them out.
6:24 LIGHTRAIL WSJ Nasdaq Drops to a New Low for the Year
6:25-7 What if Housing Becomes a Tortoise
6:27-30 Triplet Towers
6:31-4 How Apples’s Store Strategy Beat the Odds
6:35 Teen Angst: How the New Tax Law Could Hurt Your College-Savings Plan
6:46 NY WATERWAY Research Shows Fighting the IRS is Often Worth It
6:47 Caring for Wood Floors

7:03-5 Hopes, Saved on a Laptop
7:34-7 Building a Brand with a Blog
7:47-9 Federer-Nadal is Sarting to Have that Frazier-Ali Ring

11:43-9 HOME OFFICE Google.com “avocado and bugs” “Hudson River Park”
12:01 A New Way to Keep Track of Talent
12:03 Askme.com
12:06-19 the office/nbc.com
12:57 turnitin.com

May 16, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

9:41-2 HOME OFFICE WSJ The Fastest Way to Get to the Airport: We Test the Latest Options
9:43-7 The Cycling Commute Gets Chic
9:48-54 Down the Yellow Brick Road of Overinterpretation
9:54-5 NYT Amazing Mysteries May 7-13
9:55-6 Intelligence Turf: A Guide
9:57-10:14 Langley, We Have a Problem
10:18-20 Russians Busy Making Shrouds, Are Asked to Make Babies
10:28-30 Will the Real Traitors Please Stand Up
10:32-3 NYT Mag Shelf Improvement Grocery Store generics that stand apart from famous brands—by design

12:14 WSJ In China, Maker of Plastic Christmas Trees Goes Hollywood
12:15-16 Working for a Boss Who Only Manages Up Can Be a Real Downer
12:18 Colleges Admit Few Students Off the Wait List
12:19-23 Care Varies Widely At Top Medical Centers
12:23-27 What’s In Store for Your Summer Vacation
12:28 Demand Slows for Mortgages
12:30 Will Melatonin Help you Sleep
12:25 County Kerry
12:35-40 NYT Authors Meet Fans Far From Bookstores, at Company Events
12:42-6 Inmate to be Freed as DNA Tests Upend Murder Confession
12:46-7 2nd Try was Bank Robber’s Undoing, Police Say
12:48-52 Deadline set for Wireless Internet in Parks
12:53 Bronx: Dead Man had Been Cleaning Fishing Tackle Committee Approves Shelter and Toilet Contract
12:54-9 After 20 Years of Delays, a River Park Takes Shape
1 Firefighters’ Lung Capacity Suffered after 9/11 Work
1:02-3 On the Runway : Spacewear Meant to Dazzle, Even in Zero Gravity
1:05 Link is Cited between Smell and Sexuality
1:13-16 On Some Flights, Millionaries Serve the Drinks
1:08-10 The Hot Potato of Business Etiquette
1:08 What not to Wear or Eat Overseas
1:50 This Monk is a Boldface Name
1:51 When a Good Ribeye is not a Bulleye

3:10-13 HOME OFFICE NYT Form Follows Function. Now Go Out and Cut the Grass

May 15, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006

3:30-7 LIVNG ROOM NYT In Kentucky Hills, A Homeland Security Bonanza
3:37-45 Cheny Pushed US to Widen Eavesdropping
3:45-48 Avian Flu Wanes in Asian Nations it First Hit Hard

6:32-8 HOME OFFICE NYT Tracing Lung Ailments That Rose with 9/11 Dust
6:38-41 Bush to Unveil Plan to Tighten Border Controls
6:41 DNA Evidence in Duke Case Inconclusive
6:41-45 At Sentencing in ’82 Murder, Confrontation and Anguish
6:49-51 Critic of No Child Left Behind Was Disinvited From Meeting
6:54-5 Baby Badly Hurt by Shaking, Prosecutor Says
6:57-8 Legal Saga Ends for Man Who Hired Wife’s Killer
6:59 A Night Out with Max Minghella
7 Vows Renee Bailey and Leathem Mehaffey
7:07 Everybody into the Pool
7:15 Fossil Called Missing Link From Sea to Land Animals
7:16-18 An Ambitious Lexus Takes on the Europeans
7:20 Dude, Here’s My Book
7:45-6 tuckermax.com katyjohnson.com

8:01-2 4 Harlem Boys Will be Tried as Juveniles
8:04 Jazz Lover Fiddling with Bass Causes Bomb Scare on East Side
8:06 Warhols of Tomorrow are Dealer’s Quary Today
8:07 Teaching English, One Booklet at a Time
8:09 Gobbling Away Far From the Spotlinght
8:29 Software Out There: Programming A Revolution Piecemeal
8:48-50 In Case of Disaster, Have a Backup Plan for your Computer

Monday, May 15, 2006

May 14, 2006

Sunday, May 14, 2006

5:56-9 HOME OFFICE NYT Emperor May be Naked, but Artist is a Hit
6:00-5 In Sukoku 9, Little Numbers Create a Big Challenge
6:05-6 The Wndsurf’s Up On the Columbia River
6:10-13 Bush is Pressed by Lawmakers on Report of Phone Call Records Gathered by NSA
6:14 Wal Mart Eyes Organic Foods, and Brand Names Get in Line
6:21-3 An Agency’s Worst Nightmare: Ads Created by Users “User-Generated Content”
6:22-4 Conversegallery.com
6:27-9 Google Shows New Services in Battle of Search Engines
6:30-4 Putting the Wire Back into Networking
6:37-8 Theft Delays Worldwide Cyclist after 44 Years and 355,000 Miles
6:39-43 Leaving the Wild, and Rather Liking the Change

7:56- 8:02 Higher Learning in France Clings to Its Old Ways
8:03-5 New Fears of Security Risks in Electronic Voting Systems
8:06-7 Priest Found Guilty of Nun’s 1980 Murder
8:07-13 Cannes Gold Tarnishes in US
8:14-21Go with My Blessing. And My Staff, while you’re at it.

10:18-19 WSJ Grandma the Packrat: New Approach Finds Pearls Amid Junk
10:18-19 The Biggest Fish on Wall Street? robably Not Who You Think
10:24-28 Hip to be Square: Why Young Buyers Covet Grandpa Cars
10:28-31 Degrees @ StateU.edu
10:34 Teflon Coated Cookware Owners Fle Suit Over Potential Chemical Dangers
10:35 Laptops for Klutzes
10:45 Designing Children Little Man
10:45-6 Organic Wines Make a Natural Progression
10:49 NYTimes H&M Names Dutch Pair as Designer for a Season
10:54 Art in Review: Olafur Eliasson

May 13, 2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006

2:12-16 HOME OFFICE 4 emails

May 12, 2006

Friday, May 12, 2006

4:15-17 HOME OFFICE What’s in a Murdoch-Clinton Alliance? Something for Both Sides
4:18-21 Protestors Object to McCain as New School Commencement Speaker
4:21-4 A Man in a Fishbowl, Marinated in Unreality
4;24 A $10 Million Gift to Slan-Kettering
4:25-27 Police Focus on Driver of a Slain Developer
4:28 Warhol and Judd Soar at $143 Million Sale
4:29 When the Professor is a Tough Grader and Your Dad
4:32- 39Champion (Microsoft) and Challenger (Google) Grapple for Supremacy
4:39 Restaurants Popular Act, Now Solo, Sings Italian
4:40 When Portrait Was Memory: A Matter of Lives and Death

May 11, 2006

Thursday, May 11, 2006

1:40 LIVING ROOM A Mid-Century Knockoff from the Man who Designed the Original
1:41 Modular Kitchen Pieces with Custom Cousins—Henrybuilt 79 Grand Street
1:45-7 Belatedly, Stardom Finds a 20th Century Master
1:59-0 Killer Scattered Body Parts Through Bronx Neighborhood, Police Say
2:01-7 Tax Benefits to the Rich and Patient
2:08-10 Why the World Doesn’t Need Hi-Def DVD’s

2:45 HOME OFFICE Google Co-Op.com
2:46-7 Google Trends.com “ambient”
4:00 Yahooanswers.com “what is buckeye mart? when did it start up and go out of business?”
From: drmark7@...
Date: Wed Apr 7, 2004 3:24 am
Subject: It was *40* Years Ago Today... drmark7
Send Email

This was recently in our local newspaper (The Lancaster Eagle-Gazzette)
"40 Years Ago" column:

March 13, 1964:

The Buckeye Mart discount department store, 121 N. Memorial Drive,
(Lancaster, Ohio) offered the album, "Beatle Mania" for 87 cents.
It had Beatles hits performed by The Liverpools.

[The site where Buckeye Mart once stood was later converted into
The Charlie Horse Palace Night Club and is now the Sheriff's Office (!)]


April 02, 1964:

Local Restaurants advertised their menu offerings and specials. B-W
Drive-In, 540 E. Main St, had "Spanish Hot Dogs" for 15 cents; Dairy
Queen, 1150 E. Main St., had hot fudge sundaes for 24 cents; West Side
Pizza Shop 323 Washington Ave., sold a large Pepperoni and mushroom pizza
for $1.75; Boyer's Restaurant, corner of Main and Cherry Streets, offered
chicken and noodles with four side dishes plus cake and coffee for $1 and
Burger Chef, 1105 E. Main St., was having the un-hamburger/
non-cola offering of a melted cheese and large orange drink for 35 cents.

[Dr. M sez: Dig those crazy prices. Dairy Queen is still in the same
Boyer's was where The Bike Shop is now. I ate there with my grandma and
grandpa when I was about 5. In 1977-78, this address was briefly
Tumbleweeds Records, one of the last mom and pop record stores in town,
where I bought many of my first rock albums. Buzzard's Nest- part of a
of record stores opened at Hocking Mall by K-Mart and put them out of
business. The Burger Chef location is now Vanity Cleaners.]

Those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end,


Questions?/Comments? * This Has Been e-mail From:
"Dr. Mark" Hill * The Doctor Of Pop Culture /*/ drmark7@...
Photos: http://photos.yahoo.com/drmark7
MY WEBPAGE: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/popmusicpopculture